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Lauren Conrad exclusive: Her style tips just for you

Reality-TV veteran Lauren Conrad has two clothing lines, a New York Times bestselling book series and a wildly popular website, but what style advice does she have specifically for you? The 26-year-old spills all of her secrets in our exclusive interview.

Lauren Conrad

As we sit down with “LC,” as we still like to call her, we can’t help but want to steal her style — that perfect wavy hair, feminine floral dress and sky-high sandals — swoon.

Well, her look has certainly come a long way from her Laguna Beach and The Hills days, and she now officially reigns not only as our certified girl crush, but as a fashion icon in her own right.

Keep reading as the budding fashionista shares her beauty tips, who she is most excited to see during New York Fashion Week and why she decided to launch an eco-friendly line.

SheKnows: We’re obsessed with your site, So what are the five beauty essentials every girl needs in her makeup bag?

LC: Concealer, blotting paper, lip balm, mascara and a small hairbrush.

SheKnows: How do you constantly keep your hair looking natural with those perfect beachy-waves?

LC: Dry shampoo is always a great trick!

SheKnows: Now let’s talk fashion. What are the five items every woman needs in her closet?

LC: A perfect little black dress, a great pair of pumps, skinny jeans, a black boyfriend blazer and a maxi dress you love.

SheKnows: Who are your favorite designers?

LC: There are so many I admire, like Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor and Rebecca Minkoff.

SheKnows: Any designers you are looking forward to seeing during New York Fashion Week?

LC: All of the above!

SheKnows: What is the one accessory you can’t live without?

LC: My Blackberry.

SheKnows: You have Paper Crown, LC Lauren Conrad and now XO(eco) with Amazon. What inspired this collection?

LC: As a designer, I hope my choices can raise visibility around the importance of environmental sustainability and start to drive change with my fans, so I created BlueAvocado XO(eco) collection, that can become a part of my daily life — from travel accessories to lunch kits and café totes. With this line, I hope to inspire others to make environmentally smart decisions — from using reusable shopping bags, to turning off lights and even by buying products made from REPREVE® recycled materials.

SheKnows: What is next for you?

LC: I am really excited because I have two books out in October! One is the second in my series called Starstruck, and I’m also releasing Lauren Conrad Beauty!

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