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How to share photos with family online

Photo sharing has evolved over the years and now, with new technology at our fingertips, we have creative, practical and safe ways to share our most precious moments with the ones we love.

Grandparents looking at photos online

Here’s how and why you should be sharing your family photos along with information on secure photo sharing.

Why share family photos online?

With digital cameras becoming easier to operate and the decreased use and production of film and printed photographs, sharing and sending family pictures is evolving with the rest of the tech world. Just 10 years ago, photographs were printed and duplicates were sent to grandparents and other family members all over the world. But now, families use digital cameras, hook cameras up to their computers, download pictures and send them to loved ones. In addition to emailing photos, social media sites are also becoming a popular way to photo share, along with blogs and specialty photography sites.

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The benefits of sharing photos online

Fast and easy. Did you give birth? Did your son graduate from high school? Any exciting life-changing event is a picture-worthy situation. And the people closest to you want to experience these big events. Even if your closest friends and family members are in attendance, they still want photo memories from the special day. With photo sharing websites and group emails, you can quickly send out selected photos to whomever you want.

Cost efficient. Photo sharing online eliminates costs associated with developing pictures, buying photo-safe envelopes and buying stamps. Most computer printers now have the ability to print on photo paper or have the ability to print actual photographs — just like you would get from a store that has the ability to develop photographs. The printer ink and specialty paper are an added cost, but if you print photos infrequently — or send them off to family members to have them print the photo — it works in your favor.

Connections. People, especially parents, are becoming increasingly busy with life demands, schedules and quality family time. With an easy-to-use photo sharing website or software, people are more likely to keep in contact and update others through photos.

How to share family photos online

There are a number of websites dedicated to sharing family photos, but the one you use should be based on your individual needs and privacy wishes. While Facebook is a popular place to network by sharing information, updates and photos, the privacy and security of photos on Facebook are often questioned, creating third-party loopholes, unsecure connections and leaving it nearly impossible to track to see who has accessed your photos — especially if the ever-changing privacy settings are not considered or updated.

A secure photo sharing website like OutMyWindow, offers families an all-in-one more personal way to share and save photos, giving users complete control of their photos and who views them. The photo timeline organizes photos and shares them in real-time across numerous devices, making it easier for families to connect and view.

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