Paul Walker gets wet for the Love the Ocean Campaign

The Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker is, in our opinion, one of Hollywood’s hottest men, but now that he’s joined forces with Davidoff Cool Water and National Geographic Society to support the “Love the Ocean” campaign, he’s literally dripping sexiness (Seriously! Just check out the campaign ad).

Paul Walker may be the face (cough, cough… eye candy) for Davidoff Cool Water, but beneath the chiseled jaw and perfectly blue eyes is an important cause aiming to create marine-protected areas and preserve the ocean’s beauty and inhabitants.

This worldwide media- and sales-driven campaign kicked off on July 1, 2012, with Davidoff Cool Water for Men and Women being sold in The States at Dillard’s on August 8, 2012. Each bottle has a unique code on the inside of the packaging that enables buyers to access and follow National Geographic explorer Enric Sala via a geo-localization app as he makes his way to the Pitcairn Islands.

Love the ocean ad

OK, so I know you’re saying, ‘that all sounds great, but where does Paul Walker come into this?’ Well, being that he studied marine biology and is known for his passion for the ocean, Walker is taking an integral part in the global media campaign that will support the Pristine Seas operation (as you can see in the swoon-worthy picture above!).

But even more importantly than Walker’s soaking-wet body (it was a close race) is the fact that this campaign is looking to protect some of the last pristine spots of the ocean and create marine reserves, which in turn will benefit the animals of the sea. By buying a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water and accessing, you not only get to follow Enric Sala, but also learn about the Pristine Seas program and donate directly to the initiative, sharing your support and love on the Davidoff Cool Water social media pages.

So, stare at Paul Walker a bit longer, and then pick up a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water. It’ll satisfy your hot-man craving and be your good deed of the day.

Watch: Check out Love the Ocean’s commercial with a super-hot (and super-shirtless) Paul Walker!

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Photo credit: Coty Prestige