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Organic bedding for your home

Looking for a way to incorporate eco-friendly bedding into your home? These beautiful choices are not only made from organic materials but are so stylish nobody will ever know you’ve gone green.

woman changing sheets

What is organic bedding?

Choosing to buy organic products at the grocery store may be a clear-cut decision for you but how far does your knowledge of organic home products extend? What does it mean when the label on your bedding or towels says organic?

Many manufacturers of sheets, comforters and blankets use a blend of cotton and polyester materials. Bedding labeled organic is made from 100 percent natural materials that have been grown and processed without chemicals. This means that your organic bedding is free from chemical components that may be present in bedding made from synthetic materials. Organic materials also decompose back into the soil, which is better for the environment. Everything from pillowcases to mattresses are available in organic choices these days.

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Making the switch

There are many different reasons why someone may choose to purchase organic bedding. If a member of your family is particularly sensitive to chemicals, changing to organic bedding may alleviate the problem and help encourage a healthier sleep environment. Natural materials such as wool and cotton absorb moisture from our bodies more efficiently than polyester and help us regulate our body temperature as we sleep. This contributes to a better night’s sleep, which not only benefits your health but also your feeling of well-being. Many people are surprised by the difference they feel once they switch to organic bedding materials.

Full color cotton

Full color cotton

Think organic bedding choices have to be bland? This Charlie paisley organic duvet cover ($79-$129) incorporates beautiful colors and an amazing pattern. Made of 200-thread-count organic cotton, this duvet will not only bring organic to your bedroom but brighten it up as well.

Bed head

Bed head

Your pillow spends the most time closest to your face, making it a prime choice for organic materials. These organic cotton pillows ($64-$72) are completely free from dyes, pesticides and other chemicals. Made from 250-thread-count pure organic cotton, this pillow comes in firm, medium or soft — making it a perfect fit for everyone.

Between the sheets

Between the sheets

You have probably experienced the uncomfortable feeling of scratchy, synthetic sheets. Soft sheets made from all organic cotton make going to bed a pleasure. These incredibly soft organic cotton jersey sheets ($39-$69) come in six shades to coordinate with any bedroom decor, including natural. They are dyed and finished in strict accordance to organic standards to ensure that you are choosing an eco-friendly set that is healthy for you as well.

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organic pebble-weave cotton blanket

Blanket me

When cool evening breezes kick in, nothing feels better than adding a blanket to your bed. This organic pebble-weave cotton blanket ($70-$110) is woven of soft, 100 percent organic cotton in a herringbone pattern. Machine washable and finished with a hemmed edge, this blanket is perfect for keeping the chill away, even in the summer.

By choosing organic bedding for your bedroom, you not only make a good choice for the environment but for your health and well-being as well.

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