Most creative uses of technology in schools

Sep 1, 2012 at 4:31 p.m. ET

These days, technology is used in every realm of nearly every industry. To best prepare students for the ever-changing technology landscape, education needs to adapt to modern technology. In the classroom, technology can be used for everything from communicating with parents to completing group projects to conducting research.

teacher and students using a laptop

Quizzes and tests

Teachers can administer quizzes and tests online. Not only does this help facilitate the test-taking, it provides students with immediate feedback. The time teachers spend on grading is diminished, which means they have more time for teaching.


Students can work together on projects, even outside of class. Many classrooms use a class blog or website where students can post and respond to comments from other students. Collaboration software -- or even a Facebook group -- allows students to log in to a portal to work on a group project from the classroom or from home. Project data can be compiled and presented from Pinterest. Creative classrooms harness technology to keep the work flowing, regardless of where the students are.

Social Media

Social media platforms are used as communication tools, which can be used to disseminate classroom announcements. But social media can also be used for research. Students can follow organizations and government agencies on Twitter to gather valuable first-hand research.


Teachers can use technology to conference with parents easily. Instead of struggling to find a time that parents can take off of work to come in and talk with a teacher, teachers can keep parents informed about their child’s progress in real time via email. Facebook groups for the classroom can be used to post announcements, date changes or extracurricular activities. Face-to-face meetings can be held spontaneously using a technology like Skype. With more communication tools in the classroom, teachers can keep parents informed and up-to-the-minute.

Virtual field trips

Technology brings more resources into the classroom. Whether it’s a virtual tour of the Louvre, a podcast recording of an important presidential speech or a slideshow of the Declaration of Independence, with classroom technology students no longer need to travel to experience these resources. Teachers can organize multimedia presentations to enhance students’ experience of the topic. Creative use of technology can make students feel like they’re there as they learn something new.

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