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Trend spotlight: Going nuts for nail art

Mr. Candiipants: Floral Nails

Photo credit: Mr. Candiipants

We reached out to four fabulous nail art bloggers for some of their best looks, along with some tips and tricks to recreate their designs at home.

Mr. Candiipants: Floral Nails

Go bold with a fun, floral mani that’s perfect for the last few weeks of summer.


  • American Apparel – Passport Blue
  • OPI Kiss – Me On My Tulip
  • OPI – Red Lights Ahead Where
  • OPI – Ogre the Top Blue
  • Sally Hansen – White On
  • China Glaze – For Audrey
  • OPI – Caught With My Khakis Down


  1. Start with the base coat (Passport Blue).
  2. Then, start creating your flowers. Add the bright pink color on each nail, followed by the white, then aqua, then blue, then red, and finish up with the army green.
  3. The key with this design is not being too neat with it and making each flower look a little different.

Tips & tricks

  • All of the details were done with a medium length striper brush.
  • It’s important to clean the brush out with acetone or any nail polish remover between each color and if the polishes start getting too tacky.

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