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Trend spotlight: Going nuts for nail art

Here at SheKnows, we’re obsessed with nail art. It’s a great way to go beyond your basic mani and have some serious fun with your nails.

Katt Claws: Galaxy Nails

Photo credit: Katt Claws

We reached out to four fabulous nail art bloggers for some of their best looks, along with some tips and tricks to recreate their designs at home.

Katt Claws: Galaxy Nails

We love the starry, glittery quality of these playful, eye-catching nails and we can’t wait to try them out for ourselves.


  • Seche Vite – Top Coat
  • Essie – Midnight Cami
  • Milani – White On The Spot
  • China Glaze – Turned Up Turquoise
  • China Glaze – Purple Panic
  • CND Effects – Silver Sparkling


  1. Paint your nails with your base color (Essie – Midnight Cami). Dark colors are always preferable, like black or dark purple.
  2. Sponge some white in random areas around each nail, starting in the corners and working toward the middle.
  3. Sponge China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise partially over the white. Leave a bit of white showing for the next step.
  4. Over the white that’s left, sponge on China Glaze Purple Panic. Overlap slightly with the turquoise for better blending.
  5. Next, add CND Effects Silver Sparkling over any base color still showing.
  6. Use a dotting tool to achieve the little white dots.
  7. Finish with Seche Vite top coat and you’re done.

Tips & tricks

  • Wait in between each step for the polish to dry. If you try sponging too soon, you might lift up your previous color and ruin the whole manicure.
  • When sponging each of your colors, try not to blend them too much. It can turn a murky, unwanted color. The less blending, the better. Your top coat will tie it all together.
  • Don’t be afraid to use different colors — it’s your galaxy!

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