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5 Stylish wine racks for your home

If you are a wine lover, you probably always have a stash of favorites available. Why not show them off as a decor item? These awesome wine racks are not only functional, they’re stylish too.

Wine rack

Wine has become more than just something to enjoy with fancy cheeses or a nice pasta dinner. Those who enjoy a nice glass of wine also enjoy bringing a bit of the wine country into their home decor. Wine bottles themselves have become as unique and varied as the wine they hold. Artistic labels, longer necks and varied bottle shapes make wine bottles fun to display whether they are full of wine or have already been savored.

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We found five stylish wine racks you can incorporate into your home decor as not only a great way to store wine bottles, but as a unique focal point in your kitchen or dining room.

barrel stave wine rack ($100)

Naturally reused

Love the look of natural wood and iron? This beautiful barrel stave wine rack ($100) is handcrafted from natural materials for a look that’s unique and rustic. Made by hand from reclaimed oak staves from real vintner’s barrels, each wine rack is unique and may contain stamps or other writing on the front. The bottle holders are hand-tooled for a unique finish and the rack holds five bottles.

urban wall-mounted wine rack

Sleek and unique

Is your style a bit more contemporary and modern? This urban wall-mounted wine rack ($40) holds eight bottles of your favorite wine on display in sleek fashion. The rack is handcrafted of iron and resembles a sculpture on your wall, whether hanging in the dining room or over the bar. You can mount just one, or hang in multiples for a really impressive display.

copper table tendril ($63)

Cool copper

Looking for a cool way to display a few favorite bottles, maybe for your next dinner party? This copper table tendril ($63) is an artistic design that resembles a beautiful sculpture on your tabletop. The unique rack stores bottles upside down, keeping the corks moist until you are ready to share.

French wine bottle riddling rack ($249)

On the rack

Want to really make an impression in your dining room? This French wine bottle riddling rack ($249) uses the look of old Champagne riddling racks and turns it into a statement piece. Made of beautiful mango wood with a rustic, knotty finish, this piece is stunning on your wall. You can display a beautiful, artistic array of empty bottles that were just too special to throw out — or several full bottles, waiting to be shared. This rack will hold up to 60 pounds, or 10 full bottles.

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Traditional wine country

Love that old country look? The Bella Toscana wine rack ($148) is made of hand-forged iron by skilled craftsman for a unique look that is straight out of Old Italy. Display it on your kitchen countertop with up to seven bottles of your favorite vintage, so you always have a favorite on hand when guests come to visit.

Collecting, enjoying and sharing wine can be not just a hobby but a part of your decor, too.

Bella Toscana wine rack ($148)

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