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Lesser-known Maui destinations

It doesn’t get much better than lounging on a beach in Hawaii, but places like Waikiki can get a bit busy. If you’re looking for an island getaway without all the crowds, head to Maui and check out these lesser-known destinations.


The island of Maui is an ideal vacation spot, less crowded than the ever-popular city of Honolulu, but even some areas in Maui can start to feel congested. If you’re looking for beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery without the crowds, check out these less-traveled spots on the island.

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It is said that life is a journey, not a destination, and those who believe that should make the drive to Hana. Located on the easternmost part of the island, Hana is a small community with a decidedly low-key vibe, easy-going attitude, amazing sights and gorgeous beaches. A visit here should not be passed up. However, to reach Hana, you must travel the 52-mile-long Hana Highway, which takes you through the rainforest, along the northern shore, across narrow bridges and one-lane, winding roads, with more than 600 curves. Along the way there are waterfalls, short hikes and plenty of coastal scenic overlooks to admire, making the drive more than worth it. By the time you reach the town of Hana, you’ll be ready to relax with a mai tai and settle in for the night. Be sure to check out Hamoa Beach, a gorgeous bay surrounded by sea cliffs and consistently rated as one of the world’s top beaches. If you plan to stay a few nights, there’s no better choice than the luxurious Travaasa Hana, where you’ll be treated like royalty. Hana is the ultimate destination to unplug and unwind.

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