8 Hairstyles to try at the blow out bar

Once you enter the blow out bar, you’re going to be confronted with the hardest decision you’ll have to make in the following 30 minutes: “What style would you like to go with today?” Yes, they’ll have some general suggestions, but to get the most out of your experience, we recommend going in prepared.

Why get a blow out?

The blow out bar trend is sweeping the country, and there are a couple of reasons. To start, there is nothing like that feeling when you exit the salon, hair professionally coiffed. Throw in a price point that won’t break the bank and a hairstyle that can lasts for days and it’s an indulgence that can be fun and lift your spirits all at the same time. Choose from these eight approaches to a blow out before your next visit:


Cascading curls and waves

This fun style is always feminine and something that you can wear to everything from girls’ night out to Sunday afternoon brunches. One way to bring in something unexpected is to put a vintage spin on it and go for the vintage finger waves touch.

Jessica Biel curly hairsrtyle
Mila Kunis wavy Hairstyle at SAG Awards
Taylor Swift's curly hairstyle

Sleek and straight styles

A great choice for the girl on the go, this straight style always makes a powerful statement. It also is a great foundation for easy and stylish looks for days to come.

Jennifer Aniston's straight hairstyle at the Horrible Bosses premiere
Reese Witherspoon's straight hairstyle with bangs
Kim Raver's straight hairstyle

A timeless chignon

This look is a classic and always will be. It’s beautiful, simple and should be worn with something stately and fabulous.

Lauren Conrad's chignon hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez chignon hairstyle
Lauren Conrad's chignon hairstyle

A braided updo

This is a fun look to have done for a special night out on the town. The subtle addition of a braid can add a flirty appeal and transform a simple daytime look into an updo for a night out.

Charlize Theron's braided updo haristyle
Kate Middleton's braided updo hairstyle at the British Olympics Gala
Jessica Alba's braided updo hairstyle at the Oscars

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