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8 Cute animal blogs we love

Here at SheKnows we’re big fans of lots of blogs — design blogs, food blogs, travel blogs — just to name a few. Now we turn our blog obsession — er, attention — to the cute and cuddly.

Cute pet blogs

Who can resist a wide-eyed kitten, playful puppy or bunny wearing a bow tie? There are countless sites online dedicated to the cutest of the cute and we share some of our favorites.


The one that started it all,, features adorable or hilarious (sometimes both) photos and videos of animals of all kinds, along with clever captions. Updated multiple times a day, expect to see everything from the aforementioned cuddly kittens to guinea pigs, squirrels, hedgehogs and farm animals (who knew pigs could be so cute?).


The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

This dose of cute follows the lives of various litters of foster kittens and Laurie, the woman who cares for them until they’re ready to be adopted. The professional-quality photos feature the kittens as they play, explore the house, wrestle, sleep and get to know the permanent feline member of the household, Charlene Butterbean (also super-cute).



What do you get when you combine funny cat pictures and videos with user-generated (and equally funny) captions? You get a mega dose of cute (and you lose hours looking at pages of cats saying silly things). While not the most lovingly designed site, it serves its purpose — to entertain with lots of cute images of cats with hilarious captions.


Daily Puppy

It’s not just cats that deserve to be lavished with praise for being cute. If you love dogs you’ll love this site that puts the emphasis on that other four-legged friend we can’t resist. Browse photos and descriptions of all kinds of dogs sent in by owners across the country and beyond. Be warned: if you are at all thinking of getting a dog, this site will likely send you over the edge and on your way to pick out a new pup!


Cute Roulette

There isn’t much to this simple but adorable site. But the concept of clicking to get a random cute video piqued our interest. When you land on the site you don’t know what kind of video will be waiting for you. By hitting “Next Cuteness,” you’re taken to another video of cute animals (from cats to pandas to puppies) doing silly things.


I am Maru

This Japanese blog — focused on Maru, a playful, cardboard box-loving Scottish Fold feline — is a worldwide phenomenon (he has an iPhone app and his own YouTube channel). People love Maru — with good reason. His owner takes gorgeous photos and posts videos of his every move, whether he’s shoving himself into a box three sizes too small, chasing a toy, curling up in the sink or sleeping soundly on the couch. It’s hard not to fall for this adorable and hilarious cat.



What’s cuter than baby animals? Not much, we say and this ultra-adorable blog focuses on just that — baby animals born at zoos around the world. From tiny seals to itty bitty gazelles and bottle-feeding bears, it’s easy to get sucked into the photos and heartwarming stories that go with them.


Holy Cuteness

Get your furry creature fix here, featuring photos and videos of adorable animals from baby penguins to palm-sized kittens and everything in between. The layout is simple — just scroll and click on what you find cutest. You’ll be sure to find something of interest if you have a thing for adorable animals.

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