Hairstyles for athletes: Best hairstyles for breaking a sweat

Yes, that’s Serena Williams! Keith Campbell, who is known to give her locks some love, offered SheKnows a few pointers on hair care and styles for athletes.

Summer Games-inspired hair
Serena Williams Hairstyles

Our USA athletes are kicking serious butt in the Summer Games, but we have to wonder if those feisty women have to go the extra mile to maintain their beauty regimen, too!

So, with the closing ceremony upon us, we’re calling this year’s games a wrap with a few closing statements on hair care. However you sweat, whether it’s yoga, biking, running or winning Olympic medals, you can turn to Keith for a few pointers on looking fabulous during and after your workout.

What are the best workout-proof hairstyles?

“A tight pony tail is always sleek and in style, [and keeps] all your hair out of your face,” said Keith. He also suggested a French braid on top of the head that pulls back into a pony tail. “[That] screams fashionably fit!”

Last but not least, he said that a tight chignon or bun works for keeping your hair in place for a workout and still maintaining a sense of style.

He also adds that one sure-fire way to keep hair in place during an intense workout is hairspray. He recommends Jonathan Product Finish Control Spray.

Hair products for active girls

TIP: Replace daily washes with dry shampoo, even if you work out regularly!

What are some hair products for active girls?

“Using products with UV filters is also especially important in order to protect hair from environment damage,” says Campbell. He adds, “Using a hydrating balm is great because it will help tame the frizz.”

So, in a perfect world, one product would hydrate and protect! You’re in luck. He suggests this hydrating balm that fights frizzies and harmful rays. “It’s a win win!”

How do we avoid over washing, without under washing?

My main question: If we’re not supposed to wash our hair every day, how the heck do we avoid looking like zombies with greasy hair all the time?

Dry shampoo! That’s Campbell’s solution, “Dry shampoo is a great way to avoid over washing hair, since you really shouldn’t wash your hair every day even if you’re active. It’s a great way to buy a few extra days before needing to wash your hair again.”

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