DIY wine bottle table numbers

Before you toss those empty chardonnay and pinot grigio bottles into the recycling bin, why not see if you can upcycle them into a fabulous craft, like this easy table number DIY? Whether you’re crafting for a formal wedding or low-key dinner party, this super-easy, budget-friendly craft is a great way to put those empties to use and add some pizzazz to your big day or everyday!

DIY wine bottle number

There are a few different ways you can tackle this project. We chose to go with one of the easiest. Simply paint a bottle, print out number stencils, cut them out and fill in the number with glitter paint! If you’d prefer working with plastic stencils, just be sure to tightly tape down the plastic so the paint doesn’t seep underneath.

What you’ll need: 

  • Empty wine bottles
  • White paint
  • Large paintbrush (if not spray painting)
  • Paint pens
  • Printed number stencils

Step 1: Remove labels from bottles

To remove the adhesive labels from the bottles, soak them in warm water for up to an hour.

remove label

The labels should peel off easily. If not, rub them under warm water or use nail polish remover so they come off quickly.


Step 2: Paint bottles and let dry

Using your larger brush and white paint, paint the bottle.



Step 3: Stencil and paint number

Cut out your stencil so you’re left with just an outline of the number.


Once the white paint has dried on the wine bottle, place your stencil cut out onto the center of one side of the bottle. Using a pencil, lightly trace the outline of the number.


Fill in the outline with your choice of paint. We used a gold glitter paint pen.

paint DIY table number

Let dry completely.

A fun way to use these bottles at home is to display them on your mantle or side table. Simply add some sticks or flowers into the bottles and display with milk glass or burlap candles. You can also line them up in numerical order and use them as candleholders for a beautiful home centerpiece. The possibilities are endless!

DIY wine bottle number

table number

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