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Celebrity body “flaws

What is it about celebrities that makes us feel so self-conscious about our looks? Hmm… maybe their amazing bodies, stunning beauty and flawless skin? But doesn’t all that perfection get a little boring? The next time you’re obsessing over how you look in a bikini or considering a little facial sculpting, think of these celebrities who have embraced their “flaws.”

Anna Paquin
Jessica Pare
Kirsten Dunst

 “Bad” teeth

You’d think bad teeth would be the first thing celebrities would fix. No personal trainers or plastic surgeons required. A simple visit to the dentist, and voila — perfect pearly whites. These smart ladies know beauty and character go hand in hand, and have no intention of messing with their God-given choppers.

  • Anna Paquin — Following in the tradition of the great Lauren Bacall, actress Anna Paquin has a rather large gap between her two front teeth and no plans to fix it. In a sea of hot young actresses, she stands out because of her so-called “imperfection.” Photo credit: WENN
  • Jessica Pare — You know her as Mrs. Megan Draper. And if you’re a Mad Men fan, you’ve probably noticed her somewhat horsey teeth. Pare told New York Magazine, “I’m actually really self-conscious about them. But I never wanted to change my teeth because they’re mine, and I don’t know what I’d look like without them.”
  • Kirsten Dunst — You’d think that an actress who began her acting career in a vampire movie would be self-conscious about her Dracula-like teeth. Nope. Dunst once told Elle UK “I love my snaggle fangs. They give me character and character is sexy.”

Marilyn Monroe

Cindy Crawford

Celebrity moles

Call it a mole, a birthmark or a beauty spot. The fact remains — it’s a dark, raised lump and it’s on your face. Sure you could have it removed, but these gorgeous women have done just fine with their bodacious beauty marks.

  • Marilyn Monroe — Marilyn practically made moles synonymous with glamour. Her platinum curls, pouty red lips and prominent beauty mark were key elements of this icon’s signature look.
  • Cindy Crawford — Sexy supermodel Cindy Crawford is known for her dark mole located just above her lip. She once starred in a chocolate commercial where she licked it off! Photo credit: WENN
Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lopez

Curvy figures

We love these women for dissing Hollywood’s obsession with being thin. Here’s to the curvy celebrities who celebrate their womanly figures.

  • Kim Kardashian — Move over, skinny blondes. Buxom, dark-haired bombshell Kim Kardashian has sexy curves galore, and flaunts them with skin-tight clothing. She’s even launching a plus-sized denim line at Sears with her sisters. It’s called Kardashian Kurves.
  • Jennifer Lopez — J. Lo is the original booty queen. Some say it’s her big sexy butt that helped launch her successful singing, dancing and acting career. Of course talent had a little something to do with it, but she sure knew how to make an “asset” out of something most women might have tried to shrink on the Stairmaster.
  • Rihanna — Not all celebrities have been celebrated for their curves. Rihanna has received plenty of criticism for her fluctuating weight and generous curves. Her response? “I realized that I actually like my body, even if it’s not perfect according to the book. I just feel sexy. For the first time, I don’t want to get rid of the curves. I just want to tone it up. My body is comfortable, and it’s not unhealthy, so I’m going to rock with it,” she said in an interview with Vogue magazine. You go, girl.

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