50 Years of Marilyn Monroe-inspired beauty

Some call it eternal beauty and some call it plain ol’ sex appeal. Either way, there’s no doubt that Marilyn Monroe has left her mark. August 5, 2012 marks 50 years since the day she mysteriously died in her Hollywood home. So, we’re taking a look at the legacy she has spawned in the world of beauty and style.

The beautiful Marilyn Monroe in Seven Year Itch

The girl next door

She was one of the first girls next door, as we’ve come to know the term, in her role as “the girl” in The Seven Year Itch. Over the years, the term has been further defined by beauties like Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) and Elisha Cuthbert.

She’s a girl with a little edge and a little controversy, but in the end, she just wants to love and be loved back. There’s something very beautiful about that.

Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Monroe-inspired beauty

The blonde bombshell look

When Marilyn left the world, she wouldn’t be the only famous female to make sexuality a part of her identity. Christina Aguilera captured the world with her sexuality and kept them watching as she broke out of her good girl persona. After all is said and done, she remains quite the bombshell and constantly rocks some of Marilyn’s signature looks: pale skin, the red lip and retro curls.

She has her fashion police moments just like everyone else in the spotlight but still keeps it hot like Marilyn. Other blonde bombshells include Gwen Stefani and Madonna at her start.

Michelle Williams Marilyn-monroe inspired beauty

Forever a cover star

Michelle Williams recently brought Norma Jean back to life and even landed the cover of Vogue. Point is: Marilyn’s beauty is clearly eternal because she’s landing magazine covers from the grave. We were all reminded, yes, of the troubled life Marilyn led, but also of just how beautiful she was. (Read: What the director of Marilyn had to say about Michelle morphing into Norma Jean.)

The Smash series celebrates Mariyln Monroe-inspired beauty

Do blondes really do it better?

In the hit series Smash, Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty’s characters battle it out for the dream role on Broadway playing Norma Jean in Marilyn. Her blonde locks and sexy shape live on in show biz.

Anne Hathaway and in Marilyn Monroe shirt

A graphic icon

Since her death, Marilyn has been with us in spirit, on graphic tees and on wall art. She continues to inspire designers with her iconic face. Here, Anne Hathaway is wearing a comfy red shirt that is significantly more chic because Marilyn’s expression is printed on the front.

I guess even when you opt for comfort over style (a totally reasonable thing to), there’s always a way to remind yourself to be and feel fabulous.

Marilyn Monroe beauty

Check out her menswear

Menswear for women has become quite the “thing” over the past several years. Even with curves for days, Marilyn showed us that structured and tailored clothes could flatter a woman’s body. She may have thought she was just supporting the troops here, but I consider it a vintage sighting in menswear trends for women!

We’ll leave you with this famous quote by Marilyn:
Photos courtesy of and supplied by Wenn: Daniel Durne (Christina Aguilera), Anthony Dixon (Anne Hathaway), Joseph Marzullo (Smash cast)

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