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3 Ways to show off summer souvenirs with style

Summer vacation might be over, but thankfully you still have some souvenirs to keep your fun memories close at hand. Check out these ideas to show off your souvenirs in style!

summer vacation jar

Don’t stow your summer souvenirs in the closet. Show them off in style! From photos and postcards to a pretty rock collection and an antique vase, one way to help feel like you’re on vacation all year is to display the goodies you come home with. Souvenirs are a great way to take you back to a more relaxing or fun time, and allow you to “go” back on vacation whenever you want!

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See-through to summer

One of the easiest ways to see, and display, items you pick up on vacation is to put them where you can see them. We’re not talking about piling sand and shells on your desk or coffee table. That just wouldn’t be convenient! Consider displaying them in glass containers.

Whether you use Mason jars, apothecary jars or tall vases, they look great filled with your trinkets. Think about filling a clear container with sand and displaying pieces of driftwood, seashells or starfish you picked up while at the beach. You’ll be able to create a pretty display that is decorative and brings back memories!

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Seashells aren’t the only things you can display. Think about adding a variety of keepsakes (no sand necessary) to a glass jar. Think ticket stubs from a play or amusement park, visitor buttons from a museum, mini statues of attractions or a box of matches from a favorite restaurant. Piled up where you can see them, and in no particular order, these can be a great reminder of the past.

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Framed postcards

If you spent your savings on your vacation, don’t fret! Postcards are inexpensive souvenirs that can take you back to your trip in a flash. Just the mere sight of any postcard makes you think, “adventure.”

Frames can be inexpensive, too. Buy a photo frame to fit one postcard for a snug display or buy a large frame so you can overlap several postcards in one frame. If your postcard is simple, go with an ornate frame, or vice versa. Whether the image on your postcard is simply the name of the place you visited or a photo of a monument, this is a simple way to travel back.

Don’t leave frames for postcards, only. Consider framing the photos you took that turned out really great! Pick a frame with a theme that matches your photo or the place you traveled.

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A cross between a picture frame, a bulletin board and maybe even a glass jar, shadowboxes are perfect for displaying your souvenirs. There is a lot of room for creativity with shadowboxes, since you can make them as colorful as you like.

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Often, shadowboxes are enclosed and the items you place in them are secured to the back panel, making them perfect to hang on walls or place on a coffee table without worrying about the contents moving around or getting damaged.

Usually, items of the same sort, though not identical, are used in shadowboxes. Think all photos, shells or passport pages. Pins are good for securing items made from paper. Otherwise, use adhesive to tack down items like pebbles or coins. You can even get creative with the background of your shadowbox and, say, use a map of where you were traveling, as the background. You can buy shadowboxes at art supply stores or retail home goods stores.

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