Celebrities who love their pets

We all think we have the cutest dog or cat (or even iguana if that’s your thing) in the world. Celebrities are no different. They love their fur babies, too! Check out these 10 celebs who love their four-legged (or no-legged) friends.

President Obama & Bo

President and Michelle Obama and Bo

Following in the paw-steps of many a presidential pup, President Barack Obama’s Portuguese water dog currently holds the title of “First Dog.” According to First Lady Michelle Obama, Bo’s the “smartest dog on the planet.” Maybe she’s a little biased, but he has to be pretty savvy to have landed a gig like that!

Adam Levine and Frankie

Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice coach/judge Adam Levine is known for his silky, high-register vocals and heart-melting lyrics, but his most endearing quality may be his commitment to the beautiful blonde in his life — a golden retriever named Frankie. Just how committed, you ask? Check out the tribute tattoo for his favorite girl on his back, featuring a paw print with the words “Frankie Girl” in scripted letters underneath. The perfect excuse to google “Adam Levine shirtless.”

Taylor Swift and Miranda

Country crooner Taylor Swift may have been outdone on the adorableness factor — by her very own kitten, Miranda. This Scottish fold, characterized by ears that lay flat, is the star of several internet videos highlighting just how cute this kitty can be.

Photo credit: White House Official Photographer/WENN.com

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