5 Beverage dispensers you will use all year

A beautiful beverage dispenser can be the showcase of your summer buffet table, but what about the rest of the year? Check out these dispensers that you can use year-round and start planning your next event.

Trio Beverage Dispenser

Something for everyone

It’s fun to offer several different cold beverages at your party, but how do you find the space needed for three separate dispensers? With this Trio Beverage Dispenser ($50) you don’t have to worry about space or style. This model is made of sturdy, clear glass. Each section holds three quarts of liquid and has a separate spigot for easy serving. Your colorful beverages will look like part of the party decor when you put this beauty on your table.

Bubbled Beverage Dispenser

Living large

Some glass decor items are functional, yet resemble works of art. This Bubbled Beverage Dispenser ($298) makes a graceful statement on any buffet table. Made from recycled glass and blown by skilled glassworkers, the bottom is flattened and the bowl gracefully curved to resemble a bubble. With a top made from thick sheesham wood and the shiny stainless steel spigot, this elegant yet modern piece will always find a place at your table.

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Glass Footed Beverage Dispenser

Help yourself

Serving cold beverages from a dispenser allows your guests to refresh their drinks when they wish, giving you more time to mingle. This Glass Footed Beverage Dispenser ($59) is not only elegant in design, but smart. The footed base raises the spigot to cup height, making it easier for your guests to have seconds. Add your monogram ($7 additional), and you have elevated the dispenser to family heirloom status.

Ceramic Yellow Drink Dispenser

Bright spot

Sometimes a bright pop of color is just what your party table decor needs. This Ceramic Yellow Drink Dispenser ($28) will not only be great for serving cold beverages, it also looks bright and fun on your table. It holds an amazing 1-1/2 gallons of sangria, lemonade, iced tea or whatever drink fits your party theme. This dispenser has a glass lid and is also available in lime green, orange and cherry red to help you match any decor you can dream up for your next party.

Two drinks are better than one

Can’t decide what cold beverage to offer your guests? Why choose only one, when you can serve two side-by-side with this Hammered Glass Beverage Server set ($40) that comes with a metal stand? The glass has a bit of texture, with a hammered effect that catches the light just a bit. Each dispenser holds one gallon of your favorite cold beverage, and the stand lifts the containers up to cup height so your guests can easily serve themselves.

Hammered Glass Beverage Server

With so many beautiful and functional beverage dispensers to choose from, cold drinks may take center stage at your next party. Now the only decision remaining — which one you will choose?

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