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Top interactive dog toys for the bored dog

Does your dog stare at you and sigh with nothing better to do? Well, a bored dog is not a happy dog. To keep your pup from getting into trouble, check out our top interactive dog toys that will keep your bored dog busy.

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Game

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

Whether you’re looking to make mealtime more fun or just want to give your bored pooch something to do, the interactive Dog Twister game by Nina Ottosson will certainly flex your pup’s mental muscles. Suitable for dogs both big and small, this puzzle game teaches your dog to access the treats hidden inside by moving the puzzle pieces and bones. The difficulty level can be upped once your dog masters the concept in a variety of ways. Durable and well made, this game will have your dog barking for one more round ($43, ).



We all know dogs love their bones, but when they’re filled with a treat, they love them even more. The KONG Bone is every dog’s dream toy and may just become your pup’s new favorite. Made of classic KONG rubber that cleans teeth and massages gums, the KONG Bone has a hollow area on each end that can be packed with a treat or spread. Whether you use it to keep your dog out of trouble or as a reward for being extra cute, your dog will enjoy every last lick ($10,

Bionic Ball

Bionic Ball

The Bionic Ball by BIONIC Pet Products is the perfect addition to your dog’s ball collection. Available in several different sizes for big and small mouths alike and constructed from “Bionic Rubber” that’s built to last, the Bionic Ball can bounce normally or in an unpredictable direction depending on what surface makes contact with the ground. The hole in the middle makes fetch even more fun when you fill it with a spreadable treat ($12,

Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Tornado

Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Tornado

For the dog who is up for a challenge, look no further than the Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Tornado game. Made up of four layers with rotating disks, your dog must rotate the disks to reveal his reward. Start by showing him how to play and once he understands, boost your dog’s confidence by upping the difficulty level. Once your pooch masters this interactive game, his tail will be wagging in delight ($52,

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