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6 Celebrity hair crushes

When it comes to looking great, celebrities have it easy. They have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists making sure they always look their best. For the rest of us, it’s not so easy, but luckily those celebrities give us inspiration to give new styles our very best effort. Here are six amazing women who always have rockin’ hair that inspires us.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Kunis might not be experimental with her hair, but it always looks healthy and glowing. The stunning brunette always has a gorgeous updo or flowing beach curls that pair well with her striking face. Her hairstyles are the epitome of style and taste without venturing into the realm of tacky.

Olivia Palermo

This stunning socialite is always at the height of fashion, and her hair is surprisingly low key. Shoulder-length, healthy and a gorgeous shade of chestnut brown, Palermo’s locks are molded into fashion-forward updos and chic hairstyles. Her specialty is a low bun hairstyle with wispy strands, but for Palermo, the hair makes the outfit. She always works the style that seems to fit best with what she’s wearing.

Katy Perry

Her style might be a little wacky, but you have to commend Perry for trying out the styles that the rest of us are too wimpy to attempt. Whether it’s her trademark black or a funky shade of blue, pink or purple, the pop songstress knows how to go all-out when it comes to hair. Plus, she manages to keep the texture of her hair healthy and shiny, despite all of the damage that comes its way.

Jennifer Aniston

Many have mocked the superstar for having the same trademark “Rachel” haircut since her Friends days, but the actress has morphed into a hairstyle icon since she chopped her locks up to her shoulders. Her hair is always healthy and glowing, and really — that’s the foundation of gorgeous hair.


Rihanna has the face that can pull off just about any hairstyle, and she knows it! From the long, curled tresses of her earlier days to the edgy, funky styles she rocks today, Rihanna isn’t afraid to go a little wild. And for that, we respect her.

Kim Kardashian

Hello, bombshell! Kim Kardashian knows how to bring on the sex appeal with her long black hair — which occasionally turns blonde or red. Her best known style, though, is the envy of women everywhere with its soft, pretty curls and thick lustrous shine.

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