Tips for styling your hair with heat

Hot hair tools can help you achieve almost any style you can dream up, but it comes at a price. Heat damages hair, causing split ends and brittle follicles that make it look limp, burnt and lifeless. If you’re going to style with heat, you need to take precautions. Here’s how to make sure you don’t damage your hair while you’re using heat to look your best.

woman blow dry styling hair

Use a heat protectant spray

Stop damage before it ever starts! If you curl, straighten or dry your hair every day, odds are you’re used to the damage that comes with it. Heat protectant sprays help resist the heat that causes split ends and damage. Simply spray throughout your hair, focusing on the tips that will see the most heat action. Dry your hair and style as usual.

Moisturize with shampoo and conditioner

Using a simple moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower will help strengthen your hair with the essential proteins it needs to prevent damage. Moisturizing shampoos come in varying strengths, but choose the one that’s best for your hair type. When your hair feels extra dry, it might be time to try deep moisturizing. Hair masques can cut back on damage and restore shine that will make those heat-produced curls stand out.

Use the setting that fits

If you have extra fine hair, odds are you don’t need as much heat to create your style. Most curling irons and straighteners come with heat settings. Adjust the heat to be appropriate to your hair type. Do you have thick, curly hair? The highest setting might be appropriate for you and your flat iron.

Use better tools

Heated tools can work great and leave behind minimal damage, but let’s face it — some brands are better than others. If you have a cheap flat iron or curling iron, it could be taking more time to do your hair and leaving behind more damage. Invest in a great iron that will last you for years and style quickly to skip the split ends.

Where appropriate, skip the heat

You can do a lot to protect from heat damage, but the best way to protect your hair is to not apply heat to it in the first place. If there are aspects of your hair routine that can be achieved without heat, do them! No-heat curls using sponge curlers or twists can look great without compromising the structure and health of your hair.

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