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5 Beautiful bird feeders

Nothing is more relaxing than watching birds outside your window. What if the feeder is as amazing as the birds? These bird feeders are beautiful enough to qualify as art.

Backyard birds bring an element of nature right up to your door. The right feeder will not only attract birds to your yard but is a beautiful object to look at. Here are a few of our favorite bird feeders that are attractive to birds and a beautiful addition to your backyard decor.

Marrakech leaves bird feeder

Glass house

Love the look of glass mosaic and how it catches the sunlight? The Marrakech leaves bird feeder ($43) is a beautiful feeder for wild bird seed or black oil seed. It features recycled glass in a mosaic pattern, formed in the shape of leaves and hand applied. Each feeder is unique. The top is removable for easy cleaning and filling with seed.

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Seed Trumpet bird feeder

Blown glass beauty

The fine art of glass blowing has been around for centuries. What better way to showcase this art form than with a functional piece? The Seed Trumpet bird feeder ($58) is handmade from recycled blown glass and is designed to be easy to fill and clean. The antique brass tray screws onto the glass feeder and has drainage holes to keep moisture away from the seed. This feeder hangs from a seven-inch metal hook.

Circular Iridescent Crushed Glass Mosaic Bird Feeder

Glass crush

There is just something so beautiful about glass and the way it catches the light. Once you hang the Circular Iridescent Crushed Glass Mosaic Bird Feeder ($30) in the yard, you may find you can’t take your eyes off it. Pour seed into the hollowed ring and watch the birds flock to your yard. The iridescent crushed glass is recycled and hand-applied, making each feeder unique. This feeder is so beautiful, it makes a great gift for anyone on your list.

Red Ruffle Hummingbird Feeder

Seeing red

Hand-blown ruby red glass in a beautiful fluted shape makes this feeder almost irresistible to the hummingbirds. The Red Ruffle Hummingbird Feeder ($40) has three red-flower feeding stations and holds 20 ounces of fluid. No two are alike, and the elegant shape makes this feeder a work of art.

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Through the looking glass

Hummingbirds will love this feeder, and so will you. The Avant Garden Looking Glass hummingbird feeder ($26) has a 32-ounce capacity and four flower feeding stations. The glass is surrounded by beautiful leaves incorporated in the copper base cover. Invite your hummingbirds to land and stay a while on this beautiful feeder.

Invite the birds to hang out in your yard with these beautiful feeders and improve your backyard decor at the same time.

Avant Garden Looking Glass hummingbird feeder

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