3 Best places to find summer romance

Are you feeling the end-of-summer blues starting to creep in? Not ready to spend the chilly fall and winter months alone in your apartment or home? Escape this August for one last vacation hurrah and find some summer love that’ll keep you warm all winter!

Don’t let the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime summer love, that could turn into something incredible, pass you by this year. Head to London, Miami or Portugal this August and let yourself fall in love with more than just the beautiful sights. Who knows just what (and who) the summer air will bring you!


London, England

London, England

If you’re a sucker for a man with an accent, there’s no better place to travel than England’s capital, London! Not only this, but London was ranked the No. 1 place to visit in 2012 by AskMen.com, which means no matter when you go, the chances of finding a man or two is fairly high. London is a bustling metropolitan city filled with activities, pubs and large festivals and events that make meeting new people a breeze. The London 2012 Festival, which started in June and goes until September, is a great way to explore the city’s culture, art, music, fashion and food scene.

Another romantic hot spot is the London Eye, which is the most popular paid attraction in Britain with more than 3.5 million visitors a year. The big wheel has 32 air-conditioned capsules, including the Cupid’s Capsule, which has room for just two lovers and includes a bottle of Champagne and pink truffles. After the legendary romantic ferris wheel ride, grab a bite to eat at Wright Brothers’ Oyster House, which features all fresh-from-the-sea fare in a cozy bistro setting. Plus, oysters are a pretty strong aphrodisiac so your summer loving can last well into the night!

If you’re still having trouble finding love in London, check out the Victoria and Albert Museum in Cornwall Gardens and South Kensington. This museum was ranked the most romantic venue in London and the number one place to find love by The Independent.

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Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

You may not find everlasting love in the city of sun, but you will certainly have no trouble finding someone to love while you’re on vacation! Miami was rated one of the top five places to find love by The Daily Beast because of the bustling social scene and number of places for singles to mingle. Travel & Leisure also named this one of the top five best cities for singles last year because of the number of bustling bars (including the M-Bar at the Mandarin Oriental with more than 200 martinis) and the number of good-looking locals.

If you didn’t have any luck meeting a mate at the M-Bar or on the city’s most well-known beach, Miami Beach-South Pointe Park, head out to the Blue Martini Lounge or The Green Street Cafe, which were named two of the best bars to meet someone in by CBS Miami. If you find someone to dine with, they recommend trying out Chef Adrianne’s, which is located on 147 Avenue. The menu is filed with gourmet fare, like crabcakes and lamb chops, as well as some mood-enhancing eats like oysters and red wine. Once you’ve found love in this beautiful city, take a romantic balloon ride over the city and gaze at the beautiful beaches and neon lights of South Beach from above.

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Island of Madeira, Portugal

Island of Madeira, Portugal

If you’re looking for true love and not just a summer fling, leave the bustling cities and noisy bars behind and travel to the Island of Madeira in Portugal, where romance lingers in the air. This stunning island is located to the left of Portugal in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. This island was named one of the top 10 best places for summer romance in the world by Yahoo Travel.

Madeira is a quiet, quaint island that is known for its incredible local wines, lush botanical gardens and the Porto Santo beach, which locals say goes on forever. You’re sure to find love in the incredible gardens of The Botanical Garden, located less than 2 miles from the center of Funchal at Quinta do Bom Sucesso. This attraction is a lush paradise filled with contrasting colors and more than 2,000 plants.

If you’re traveling alone, increase your chances for meeting someone new by taking a guided tour of one of the museums, like the Story Centre or Contemporary Art Museum. You can also tour one of the island’s 18 romantic churches, like the Sé Catedral, Igreja do Carmo and Capela do Corpo Santo, all of which date back to the early 15th and 17th centuries. After you’ve viewed the stunning, Gothic architecture of the beautiful island, check out the Saint Francis Wine Lodge in Funchal, which will give you the chance to taste some of the island’s best local wines, loosen up your inhibitions and chat with a hunky local or visitor while you tour the cobbled courtyard.

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