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From Instagram to print

If you look through your Instagram photos, how many do you have? And how many would you love to see more of? Here are some fun ways to get those photos off your phone so that you can see them and share them with others.



We love that Blurb is making photo albums cool again. Want a gorgeous layout in moments? Simply connect your Instagram account with Blurb and watch as your favorite Instagram photos auto fill the pages of your new photo album. Want more creative control? No problem. Blurb lets you create custom photo and text layouts that will delight your creative side. Softcover books start at $11 and hardcover at $22.


We love the simplicity of PostalPix. To get your Instagram pictures printed, simply open this free app, select your print size, choose your photos, specify how many you’d like and pay. If you want to take your pictures up a notch, you can opt to have them printed on aluminum. With prices as low as 30 cents per print, you can print a bundle.

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When was the last time you sent someone a postcard? With Postagram, simply choose a photo from your iPhone library, Instagram stream or Facebook photo albums, and they’ll deliver your glossy postcard within a few days. We love that each postcard has a 3 x 3-inch photo print that just pops out of the postcard. For a limited time, Postagram will mail your first five Postagrams for free. After that, you can print and ship anywhere in the United States for just $1 per postcard.


Remember how much fun it was to get sticker books when you were a kid? Well, Instagoodies has made them fun all over again. For just $14, you’ll get a sticker book with 90 square stickable photos. Just connect to Instagoodies with your Instagram account, select your photos and rediscover just how much fun stickers can be.

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Finding magnets that reflect your personal style can be tricky, but StickyGram makes it easy by allowing you to use your own Instagram pictures to decorate your refrigerator. For just $15, you’ll get a set of nine custom magnets. The toughest part will be narrowing down your selections to nine!


Do you stand in front of the iPhone case display and yawn as you look at your boring options? Casetagram changes all of that. To create your own custom case, connect to Casetagram with your Instagram account, upload your favorite photos, play around with one of many fun templates until you love your design, and they’ll ship you your new custom white or transparent slim-fitting case for just $35.

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