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The fat day survival guide

We all have days where we feel unattractive and like nothing we put on in the morning seems to look right.

woman putting n necklace

These days are often referred to as “fat days” for their ability to make normally secure, confident women feel horrible about their bodies. So what do you do when a fat day strikes? Don’t hide — put down the extra-large caftan. We have some simple strategies to ensure you make it through the day unscathed.

Play up your favorite asset

On days when you’re feeling less-than-ideal, your best bet is to play up your best asset be it your eyes, your hair, your lips or whatever else you don’t normally find fault with. That way, you have something constructive to focus on, rather than putting on (then immediately tearing off) whatever you put on. Choose a basic outfit (gray pencil skirt, white shirt) and then focus on any one thing that isn’t causing you stress.

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Wear something comfy but chic

Fat days aren’t the best times to experiment with items you’ve never worn, or stress yourself out about pulling together the perfect outfit. Instead, go with what’s tried and true and that always works. Going to meet friends for drinks? Throw on a well-worn pair of jeans, add a great pair of heels and a beaded tank — simple but elegant. Going to the office? Grab a neutral sheath dress but pair it with bold pumps and statement earrings. The key is to stay simple but stylish so you’re comfortable yet still look polished.

wedge heelsFocus on accessories

Accessories can be a great way to put together an outfit despite feeling negative about yourself and having no idea what to wear. As we said above, put on something simple but chic and then jazz it up with get-noticed accessories. Even if you were planning to wear something totally wow-worthy (but would now rather stay in your pajamas) you can still create an eye-catching ensemble with the right shoes, a fabulous bag and one piece of strategic statement jewelry.

Remember it’s just one day

Ultimately, the key to making it through a fat day is to avoid getting too caught up in how you feel. Remember, it’s just one day and chances are you’ll feel much better tomorrow. Do what you can to make this one day more bearable (treat yourself to a mani, buy yourself some flowers) and then move on and focus on feeling more positive.

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