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Travel with technology: Stylish, protective iPad accessories

The summer season increases your likelihood of a bit of travel. Whether you’re heading off to a tropical island or simply taking a “staycation,” chances are you’ll want to bring along your iPad. With the latest gadgets, you’ll be able to keep your iPad safe and sound in style during your travels.

When you spend hundreds of dollars on your favorite piece of technology like an iPad, you want to make certain to keep the three Ds — dings, dents and drops — at bay. Even when you do all you can to be careful, you might still encounter one of the three Ds. Fortunately there are several products on the market that will keep your investment protected — and in style, too!

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Hammerhead CapoHammerhead Capo

Picture this: You’re at the airport waiting to board your flight, iPad in hand. Someone bumps into you with an overstuffed suitcase, you drop your iPad and it tumbles across the brown airport carpet.

If you’re using the Hammerhead Capo case for the iPad (third generation or iPad 2), you can be sure your favorite travel accessory is safe and secure. Even if your iPad got away from you and one of the four-wheel airport transporters (you know the ones with the loud horns that shuttle travelers to and fro?) happened to run over it, the iPad should go unscathed (check out the demo).

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Ringing up at $40, the Capo is super-strong, comes in five bright colors (blue, orange, red, white and black — all are perfect for men or women) and offers a lightweight polyurethane construction for the thin cover (it also covers all sides of the iPad). With the case on, you’ll still have access to all ports, switches and the camera, multiple viewing positions, and there is a handy auto-wake/sleep when the case opens or closes.

Hammerhead offers a wide array of accessories like cases of all types for laptops, iPads, Bluetooth keyboards and stylus pens.

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Griffin Technology

Griffin + Aimée Wilder Folio Candy for iPad 2 and 3

Griffin + Aimée Wilder Folio Candy for iPad 2 and 3

Spending your free time this summer on a “staycation” at the local resort? Just because you’ve got some time to chill doesn’t mean you don’t want to stay connected! Perfect for iPad 2 and 3, Griffin has the case to show off your creative side, particularly with Griffin + Aimée Wilder cases.

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These designer-created cover styles come in a screen-printed canvas of colorful, whimsical and bold patterns, and tell the world that you’ve got style and smarts! The Aimée Wilder Folio Candy case, shown here, is $15 and offers a hard cover that opens and closes like a book, along with two viewing positions. Inside there is soft lining to protect your screen. Even when the staycation is over, this fun case design will take you back — in style — to a more leisurely time!

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Griffin CinemasSeat for iPad 2 and 3

Griffin CinemasSeat for iPad 2 and 3

Heading over the river and down the freeway this summer for your family vacation? After a bunch of hours in the car, kids can start to get restless and that can mean trouble!

If you get your hands on the Griffin CinemaSeat case for your iPad, you can instantly turn your device into something that will help eliminate boredom in the backseat of the car! The smooth leather case has an adjustable strap that you can place around the headrest of the car so passengers in the back can watch video, listen to music or play games.

The case runs $40, comes in black or white leather with a padded frame to securely hold your iPad. It has a pocket on the backside to hold small accessories, and there are cutouts for connectors and controls, along with access to the display.

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If summer fun has you on the go, you know your devices go with you. Avoid the scratches and nicks and, dare we say, potential for damage from dropped iPhones!

GelaSkins protects your iPad (and just about any other device) in style with its scratch-resistant skin covers. You won’t believe the amazing gallery of designs the company has curated from a variety of artists (one great feature is that a portion of each print sold goes back to the artist). If you’ve got your own creativity to share, GelaSkins can offer you the option to design your own skin.

GelaSkins for iPad

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If you’re into one design this month, and feel a creative shift ahead, not to worry. Switch it up! GelaSkins come in a range of prices for all types of devices (even gaming devices and headphones). You can even download wallpaper to match your cover or skin.

GelaSkins for the iPad cover the front and back to offer overall protection, and can be removed easily thanks to 3M technology. This fun Boombox design for iPad is $29.94. GelaSkins also makes a protective HardCase for the iPhone, for $34.95. It provides an easy, snap-on attachment made of durable polycarbonate hardshell construction.

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