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5 hair apps that are like personal stylists living in your phone

Getting ready for a big night out or just want to try something new? As you might have already guessed, there’s an app for that. These haute hair apps are chock-full of fun tips and inspiration, from color to style to reinventing yourself with a whole new look.

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For those days when you’ve hit a wall and are this close to putting a bag over your head, these informative apps can help:

1. Hair at Home

Hair at Home
Image: iTunes

Though a little on the steeper side in terms of cost, this app is great for anyone who needs extra help when it comes to styling their hair. Award-winning UK hairdresser Anita Cox McMillan shows you how to create different hair styles at home, from a simple blow dry to adding hair extensions, in a step-by-step movie.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “Best hair app ever.”

Price: $7.99

2. Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth
Image: iTunes

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with blonde highlights or maybe some pink streaks, this app lets you try some new hues on for size before you commit to a new color. The colors can be easily adjusted to match exactly what you’re looking for and you can share your experiments on social media. Hey, it beats dealing with a color disaster!

Available: iTunes

Users say: “Been using this for 3 years now, looks so realistic — it’s amazing.”

Price: $2.99

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3. Hair Salon

Hair Salon
Image: iTunes

Welcome to your own virtual hair salon, which is exactly what you’re going to need in your back pocket if you want to sit down in the stylist’s chair without getting all kinds of nervous. For just a few dollars, this app lets you choose from more than 40 styles created by leading hairstylists that you can add to your own photos to reference for later. Even better, the app lets you apply a hairstyle in any color to one of your own pics so that you can take it for a test drive before you cut.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “Works nicely, allowing you to position any hairstyle on any picture of a face.”

Price: $1.99

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