How to look hot in the blistering heat

It’s 300 degrees in the shade and the last thing you want to do is wear clothes — of any kind. Unfortunately, parading around in a fig leaf is socially unacceptable.

Woman wearing white

You wish you could be one of those women who always look like a summer breeze no matter how hot it is outside. Well, now you can. Here are a few of those women’s tricks…

Wear lots of white

…and any variation thereof. White reflects light, as we all know. It also projects coolness, no matter how fast that mercury is pushing to the top of the thermometer. You have to wear white correctly, though. If you are a little heavier, it should be free-flowing. White isn’t better than any other color in the summer if it is sticky and sweaty. If you are of average weight, white capris and a white tank top make you look cool as a cucumber. Delicate floral patterns on white make you appear carefree no matter what the temperature, like you could be found frolicking among the daisies in a field. A lemon yellow is a nice second to white when it comes to keeping your fashion cool.

Wear a bikini top

…under your regular top. Bikini tops are great because they are typically more comfortable than binding bras that tend to get soggy in the heat. Gross perhaps, but true at times. A swimsuit top under your T-shirt or tank says you’re either headed to the beach or just got back from the beach, which makes you appear cooler and more comfortable. By telling the world that you are a bikini wearer, you appear sexy, which is sizzling for different reasons. (It’s not going to occur to the people at the grocery store that you would never step out in public in an actual bikini.) These tops are on sale nearly everywhere right now, so run out, stock up and get cool.

Dresses, dresses

…and more dresses. If you don’t want to look like a sweat-hog this summer, dresses should be a summer wardrobe staple. The fabric flows and glides, instead of sticks and binds. Dresses tend to flatter nearly every figure. You look at least 10 degrees cooler when you wear a dress instead of jeans and a top. Unlike shorts, dresses are usually a flattering length so they show plenty of leg while covering up the “cheesy” part of our upper thigh.


…the heat with two or three go-to skirts. As with dresses, skirts are flowing and effortless. Wearing a skirt is like walking around with built-in AC, because you get to enjoy summer breezes in a way you can’t when you are wearing shorts.

Summer hair

…essentials are loose buns, ponytails and sexy braids. If you leave long hair down on a really hot day, it can make it look like you are rockin’ a wool blanket on the back of your neck. Necks are sexy! Get that mop off of it. You’ll instantly look and feel about 20 degrees cooler.

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