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Job interview fashion don’ts

Whether or not you get the job depends mostly on your experience and ability to handle yourself in the interview, but your choice of outfit also plays a role.

Woman wearing mini-skirt on job interview

If you’ve got a job interview coming up, we put together some helpful tips when it comes to what types of looks to steer clear of.

Revealing clothing

Going dancing? Wear as much revealing clothing as you want. Heading to a job interview? Keep things professional — and covered up. There is no faster way to make a negative impression with someone who has the power to hire you than to walk in showing too much skin. It looks cheap and it makes you seem like you don’t care about getting the job.

heelsSky high heels

Like revealing clothing, sky high heels can give off the impression that you’ve never been in an office setting and don’t understand what it means to look professional. Wear heels by all means (they look great with most outfits), but keep heel height modest. A pair of classic pumps is a great place to start and keep shoes closed-toe.

Mini anything

A job interview is not the place for miniskirts or mini dresses. Even wearing something slightly too short (not scandalous but still above the knee) can cause problems because you’re more likely to be conscious of the length and constantly pulling at your skirt. The more attention you draw to your attire (through readjusting, etc.), the less likely you are to look professional or comfortable.

Too many accessories

While one stylish statement piece can really pull an outfit together, be wary of going overboard with accessories in a job interview. The last thing you want is to go into the room jangling like a holiday ornament because you’re not only wearing the statement necklace, but earrings, bracelet and several rings, too. Keep things minimal so you ensure a polished look.

Makeup overload

Wearing too much makeup can give the impression that you’re trying too hard, and it can also look unprofessional. You want to look your best, but you don’t want to look like you’re heading to a bar with your BFFs right after the interview. Keep makeup understated and simple. Use concealer or foundation only where you need it, apply a light dusting of translucent powder, a swipe of mascara and some tinted gloss and you’re all set. Leave the glitter eye shadow at home.

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