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Must-have school supplies for cool kids

This year, trendy school supplies get inspiration from movies, video games and more. Three popular themes are emerging for school supplies — Angry Birds, superheroes, and glitz and glam.

Angry Birds Face Backpack

Angry Birds school supplies

Everyone loves those exploding birds, armored green pigs and other Angry Bird characters. You can find Angry Birds-themed school supplies everywhere this year. If you are looking for a new backpack for your child, check out the Angry Birds face backpack (Target, $16). This backpack features adjustable straps and plenty of pockets and compartments. If you have a big Angry Birds fan in your house, consider the Angry Birds school supply set. It features a backpack, lunch tote, folders, spiral notebook, pencils, lanyard and more — all at one price (Amazon, $70).

Additionally, at OfficeMax, you can find Angry Birds binders, book covers, folders and more. OfficeMax is a great place to find a wide selection of affordable school supplies that your kids will love.

The Amazing Spider-Man backpack

Superhero school supplies

The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man were popular in the movie theaters this year and that trend has carried over into school supplies. Backpacks, binders and other superhero-themed school supplies can be found at your local superstore and a number of online retailers. Keep in mind that you’ll usually pay a little more for themed binders, pens and other supplies, but backpacks and bags are often very cheap. If you have free tax weekend in your area, you can save a bit by shopping for school supplies during that time as well.

You can get The Amazing Spider-Man backpack (Amazon, $20) online but quantities are limited. Also check out this Avengers laptop skin that’s on sale (Amazon, $6). Amazon carries a variety of binders, folders, pens and other supplies decked out in superhero themes, whether your little one loves Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel.

Glitzy school supplies

Ariel Insulated Lunch Bag

From rhinestone-encrusted backpacks to hologram notebooks to glittery erasers, you can locate an incredible number of glitzy school supplies that your kids will adore. Here are just a few of our favorites available online now at affordable prices.

At your local OfficeMax, you can also select from gem-encrusted, glitter and jewel-tone holographic supplies. Though your kids don’t really need themed school supplies, they might be more excited about school if they have them — and we all want to find more ways to get our kids excited about school.

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