Paint projects for a bedroom makeover

If you’re bored with your bedroom’s look, don’t assume that it needs a complete makeover. You may be surprised at how easily and affordably you can revitalize your bedroom without having to repaint the entire room and buy new furniture, bedding and accessories.

Accent wall

Here are some simple painting projects you may want to consider. In addition to being quick and budget-friendly, these projects can refresh your bedroom’s look and renew your appreciation for your personal space.

Create an accent wall

If you’re not ready to repaint your entire bedroom, simply focus on a single wall. Cathy Hobbs, founder of Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes says, “I use ‘accent colors’ for a specific purpose: to incorporate a bold color into a space without ‘overdoing it’ by painting every wall. Accent colors can also highlight particular features of a space and serve as the foundation for a color palette.”

If you’re stumped about which colors would look best on your accent wall, consider a few additional tips Hobbs has to share. “Think warm and inviting or bright and bold. Yellows, oranges and greens all make great accent colors and can easily blend with lots of color palettes. Stay away from muted or pastel tones as they do not make great colors for an accent wall and are best suited for all over color,” she explains.

Paint canRefresh doors and trim

“Refreshing doors and trim in a room can make a huge difference to a space, allowing for a cleaner look, and it takes less time than painting a whole room,” says Joe Kowalski, training manager for Glidden. He recommends using Glidden Trim & Door Paint to achieve a smooth and even finish.

Paint the ceiling

As you brainstorm bedroom areas to transform with paint, don’t overlook the ceiling as one of your options. According to Barbara Richardson, director of color marketing for Glidden, “If your room is neutral, consider taking the color up onto the ceiling area and having everything be the same color. Or for something different, paint the walls of your room with a neutral color like Glidden’s Smooth Stone, and then add a pop of color to the ceiling. From there, you can play up the ceiling color in textiles and accents.”

Give your furniture a makeover

Another way to breathe new life into your bedroom’s decor is to repaint a piece of furniture. “There are so many dressers and side tables that can be found at reasonable prices but lack character,” says Marika Meyer, owner of an interior design firm. She suggests painting such pieces with a unique finish and adorning them with custom hardware.

When selecting paint for this kind of project, consider how the finish will affect the overall style of the piece of furniture or even the entire bedroom. For example, Meyer explains, “Flat paint or milk paint has a shabby chic connotation whereas a punch of lacquer or high gloss goes glam.”

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