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10 Ways to use dryer sheets outside the laundry room

Dryer sheets are great for keeping your laundry static free, but there are many other ways to use them around the house. Read on to find out how to use dryer sheets outside of the laundry room.

Woman in laundry room

If you have a pile of dryer sheets lying around after the laundry is done, put them to use. They dust, clean, deodorize and even repel bugs and rodents. Check out these tips for utilizing this common laundry product around the house.

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Most of us probably don’t look down as often as we should, but when we do we often get a view of dirty baseboards. By running a dryer sheet along your baseboards, you won’t need to clean them again for some time. The dryer sheet helps repel all the pet fur, hair, dust and dirt that normally sticks there.



If your shoes are less than fresh, stuff a dryer sheet into each one and leave it overnight. The dryer sheet will help minimize shoe odors. Also use a dryer sheet in dresser drawers, suitcases and closets for a fresh scent.


Pet fur

Dryer sheets can be a solution to your never-ending battle with pet fur. Use a dryer sheet to wipe pet fur off furniture, from floors and even from your clothes.


Soap scum

Use a dryer sheet to wipe soap scum from your shower and tub. Get sparkling tile, glass shower doors and bathtubs with a little elbow grease and a wet dryer sheet.



Stuck-on food will be banished by soaking the dish or pot in warm, soapy water with a dryer sheet at the bottom. Leave it overnight and simply wipe away the residue in the morning.

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When you’re sewing, nothing is more frustrating than thread that gets tangled up. Run a dryer sheet down a threaded needle to help resist tangles.


Bugs and rodents

If mosquitos love to nibble on you, stick a dryer sheet into your belt loop, pocket or collar to repel them. This also repels other bugs like gnats. Mice are apparently averse to the smell of dryer sheets, so stuffing them into mouse holes prevents them from chewing through.


Fan blades

Fan blades are a major dust collector. Keep the dust at bay by wiping the blades with a dryer sheet. This is also helpful on the back of box fans and heating vents where dust tends to collect.


Car cleaner

After a road trip, your car can look like a bug graveyard. Use a wet dryer sheet to wipe those stuck-on bugs right off.


Vacuum cleaner

For a fresh scent all over the house, put a dryer sheet into your vacuum bag next time you empty it. The warm air running through the vacuum will release the scent as you clean your carpets.

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