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Tech tips for staying healthy and money-wise

It’s a sad truth that the more technologically advanced a country becomes, the more health problems its population develops. Technology doesn’t need to breed inactivity, though! In fact, you can use your favorite tech tools to stay healthy while watching your bottom line. Check out our favorite tips for using technology to stay healthy and money-wise.

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Schedules for every body

Nothing gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle faster than a packed schedule, and these days just about everyone has a schedule that’s full from dawn to dusk. So what’s a woman to do? Start scheduling fitness, sleep and stress-relieving activities into your online planner. With today’s smartphones, tablets and easily-syncable calendars, there’s no excuse for not having your schedule always at your fingertips. If you know you want to hit the gym four days a week, put it in your calendar! If you know you want to be in bed by 10 p.m. every night, don’t hesitate to schedule it in. When you treat your health like you treat an appointment, you’re much more likely to prep yourself for the event and follow through. Just make sure you use a cloud system like Google Calendar so that all your devices stay synced up and accurate. The best part? This type of service is free! You won’t have to worry about purchasing a spendy day planner as long as you keep your tech devices charged up and ready.

Apps for your health

Yes, there’s an app for that! Whatever it is, whatever you need, chances are there’s a free or moderately priced app ready to keep your health on track. Check out just a few of our favorite free health apps:

  • myPill: Never forget your birth control pill again with this handy app that provides a daily alarm plus other contraceptive-related features.
  • WebMD Apps: Whether you need to check your symptoms, learn about treatments or check for prescription interactions, WebMD has a free app for that!
  • Lose it! Need to lose a few LBs? Sign up for Lose it! and track your calories and weight loss goals in a simple, free format. You can even work with a buddy to help keep yourself accountable!
  • Healthy Grocery Lists and Food Scanner: Don’t let the grocery store confuse you! After you set your healthy lifestyle goals, simply scan foods at the store to see whether you should pick them up or skip them.
  • iMapMy: Whether you’re a runner, walker, cyclist or fitness enthusiast, the MapMyFITNESS system is ready to track your activities, calories burned, distances, routes and more. Plus, their mobile apps are integrated with their site so you can log in to track your activity online, too.

When it comes to mobile apps, there’s really no limit to the number of free resources you can find. If you want to drink more water? Try the Drinking Water app. Need a better night’s sleep? Download the Relax and Sleep app. A little time spent searching for the best health apps can set you on the right track in no time flat.

Wheeling and dealing

Staying fit and healthy can sometimes feel like an expensive undertaking. From gym fees and fitness clothes to the high cost of healthy takeout, you may wonder if you can afford the effort. With a little tech know-how, you can actually save a bundle on these seemingly unavoidable costs. Deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer discounts on popular activities and services within a specific region or city. These sites are a great way to find the best deals on fitness classes, outdoor activities, health supplements and gym memberships.

If you’re looking to outfit yourself in the latest workout gear, try daily deal sites like The Clymb or LeftLane Sports. These sites offer popular brands at heavy discounts, but because deals only run for a day or two, you have to buy fast to ensure the best selection. Sign up for email notifications to get a leg-up on the competition.

A little research can go a long way toward reducing the cost of living a healthy lifestyle, so before you make your next purchase, whip out your tablet or smartphone and do a quick search for coupons or deals. You may even be able to show your results to sales staff at your brick-and-mortar retailer to see if they can match the price.

TEch Tip

You can use social media apps like Foursquare to check in at your favorite healthy eateries and gyms to qualify for special discounts and coupons.

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