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How to match your drapes and carpet without redecorating

The most simple way to change the vibe of a room is to change the carpet and drapes… but no need to fear, no redecorating required! You can do so without spending mega money with these tips.

Living room with carpet and drapes

Option 1: Neutral colors

Neutral color schemes are a great way to save on decorating. You are always safe with colors such as beige, black, brown or white. The neutral colors can also be very calming, which is appealing in any room.

Option 2: Monochromatic

The carpet and drapes do not have to be a perfect match, they just have to blend well together. If your carpet is a soft green, go for a hunter or lime green for curtains. As long as the two are in the same color family, it is hard to go wrong.

Option 3: Similar patterns

Many carpets are offered in various patterns that can easily be matched with curtains. Matching the pattern will avoid having to buy a specific color or totally redecorate the entire room scheme. So long as you have a matching pattern in your decor, you are all set.

Option 4: Texture

Texture is also a great way to match your shades and carpet without redecorating an entire room. Match shaggy carpet with shaggy curtains, or a Berber with a simple drape. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, similar textures will work just fine.

Option 5: Complementary colors

Remember that a perfect match does not always come from two like colors, complementary colors are a great way to match your drapes and carpet. Put together a great ensemble with a green colored carpet and purple drapes. If looking for a more neutral color combo, add yellow curtains to a room with blue carpet.

Need help with complementary colors? Check out Tiger Color’s Color Harmonies complementary color wheel >>

Option 6: Focal point

If wanting to avoid matching drapes and carpet, add a focal point. Pick up a funky canvas print from Home Goods, or complete a DIY of your own handiwork. Taking the focus off the carpet and the drapes will avoid yourself and guests noticing the various colors or patterns they may have.

Option 7: Don’t!

The last piece of advice in matching drapes and carpets is to not do it at all. Take a look at your favorite home decor ideas on Pinterest — is it the matchy-match that makes you adore the scene, or is it the difference? Sometimes an unmatched set can be the perfect combo for funky and comforting.

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