Smartphone blogging: How simple apps can help earn you cash

If you are a blogger on-the-go, your smartphone is your right-hand man. Looking for some smartphone apps that will help you monetize your blog? We’ve got you covered.

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Bloggers would be the first to admit that blogging is a time-intensive job. Creating compelling content, an engaged audience and an interactive online presence takes a great deal of time and energy. But recent advances in smartphone technology have made blogging much easier. With mobile internet access and a host of innovative new apps, bloggers can ditch their laptops and take their blogs on the road.

The secret to earning money from your blog is to take advantage of all the ways technology can work for you. Discover the best smartphone apps to help you monetize your blog. Cha-ching!

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Keeping fresh, exciting content is key to building a successful blog that can earn you cash from sponsorships, advertisers, affiliate marketing and other venues. With the mobile WordPress app, you can blog at a moment’s notice. Don’t waste those precious minutes on your morning train commute, your lunch hour, at the dentist’s office or even the (seemingly never-ending) time you spend waiting for your kids to buckle up their seatbelts in the car. Time is precious. Don’t waste a moment of it.

Mobile social media apps

If you are a brand ambassador, you know the importance of social media. Smart phone apps for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ will keep you intimately connected with your audience. You can post quick updates and photos, respond to comments, manage your platforms, recommend links and promote your brand without being tied to your laptop.


Getting paid for online work is a cinch with PayPal. It’s simple to create an account that’s secure and reliable. Not only can you accept payment for work you do, but you can transfer payment any contractors of your own or use the money you’ve earned to purchase supplies for your business.

Google Analytics

In the blogosphere, traffic is king. Improve your search engine rankings and optimize your site for money-making opportunities by tracking your blog’s analytics. With the Google Analytics mobile app, you can keep track of your audience, keywords, page views, bounce rate, demographics, advertising and other SEO features.

My Revenue AdSense

Are you running Google AdSense advertisements on your blog? With My Revenue AdSense, it’s a breeze to track and analzye your account details such as revenue, performance and statistics on your AdSense impressions, clicks, eCPM and CTR.


Planning and running giveaways on your blog is a great way to earn money, but they sure do take a lot of work. With the Rafflecopter app, setting up a giveaway has never been simpler. If you can point and click, you can create your own giveaway in a matter of minutes.

Expert Tip

Even if you are interested in earning money through your blog, remember to be choosy when money-making opportunities come your way. As professional blogger, Deborah Cruz from The TRUTH About Motherhood says, “You never want to promote a product or a service that doesn’t really represent you. People come to your blog because they believe in you. Don’t break their trust and lower your credibility by selling out for cash. Have high standards and the best opportunities will find their way to you.”

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