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Top technology picks for the career woman

Today’s career women have hefty loads, both at home and at work. Thankfully, technology has stepped in to make some parts of our lives a little easier. Here are our top technology picks for the career women. Give one or all of them a try and see how much simpler they make your life!

one keyboard

Matias One Keyboard

You sit at your desk with your keyboard and your iPhone, alternating between one and the other. It can be pretty annoying to keep having to stop typing on your computer to pick up your iPhone and respond to a text or an email. With the Matias One Keyboard ($100,, you won’t have that problem anymore. Your phone hooks right up to your keyboard, letting you use your computer’s keyboard to type on both the computer and the phone. You switch between the two with the click of one button, so you can seamlessly move between the two. Not an iPhone girl? No worries! The Matias One is also available for Blackberry and comes in several styles so you can find the one that’s the most comfortable for you.


Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? If it’s you, you better get into gear — especially if you’re a career woman. These handy gadgets are much more than just glorified cell phones with sky-high bills. They really are highly usable tools that help you be productive in your work and personal life, no matter where you are. Choose from any number of phones on the market, including the popular iPhone, Android and Blackberry. You’ll find tons of work-related apps out there to help you be the organized, productive chick you’ve always wanted to be. It doesn’t hurt to be able to play “Angry Birds” in line at the food truck, either!

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sony smartwatchSony SmartWatch

We find it hard to survive a minute without our smartphones, but, every now and then, we find that we’ve left it behind. Let’s face it — you don’t carry your purse everywhere you go in the office, and most of those super-stylish outfits you wear to work every day aren’t blessed with useable pockets. For those situations, try the SmartWatch from Sony ($150, It doesn’t do everything a smartphone does, but it lets you have access to your email, texts, calendar, photos and more. Oh yeah — it tells the time, too! The SmartWatch comes with a rubber black band, but they also sell other colors if you like to coordinate your watch with your outfits. If you’re not impressed with the choices they offer (because some outfits just won’t work with rubber accessories), it’ll fit on most .79-inch watch bands, so you can customize the look.

mouse scannerLG Mouse Scanner

Your office is probably overloaded with different devices and gadgets, so when one comes around that does double duty, we tend to get excited! This Mouse Scanner from LG ($130, really is a winner — not only is it a great mouse, but it also acts like a scanner. Just hit a button and swipe the mouse over your document to have a fully-scanned item on your computer. It even lets you edit scanned documents, so you can say goodbye to retyping documents over and over!

Cloud computing

You probably don’t work just in your office. Today’s working women find themselves working while at home, in the car, in line at the grocery and everywhere else. That’s why it’s handy to utilize the cloud computing technologies available today to help make sure you have everything you need, wherever you need it. Using one of several apps, such as iCloud (free to start, several packages available, or Dropbox (free, you can create files at work or home, then send to the cloud where you can get them from any other computer or mobile device. You’ll save yourself a ton of weekend trips to the office, and you’ll feel a little more secure knowing all of your important files are backed up someplace other than that ancient computer on your desk at work.

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Scheduling genie

You never know where you need to be next half of the time, yet you’re still expected to keep track of your entire family’s schedules. Try a scheduling genie to help your whole crew keep their schedules synced and your game plan in check. We love Cozi (free, because it color codes each family member and can be accessed on the web or with any mobile device. It even includes shopping lists and to-do lists, so you’re all on the same wavelength with a quick check of the app. Your mind will rest so much easier when you don’t have so many things to remember!

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TEch Tip

There’s an app for that! Before you purchase a new techy gadget, check to see if there’s an app that can do what you need. There are tons of apps out there that will turn your smart phone into a number of devices.

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