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How to get bangs for curly and straight hair

Cut them, grow them out, cut them again and grow them back out. So many women struggle with this cycle every season. You’re sick of them in your eyes and want a new look, and then all of a sudden, cute girls like Emma Stone and Taylor Swift are rocking them on the covers of every magazine. Yes, we’re talking about BANGS! So what should you do?

Gemma Aerton with curly hair and bangs

I say cut them, only if your hair type is suited to them.

For the curly girlies

If you have frizzy, curly hair, there’s a much better look for you and your hair needs. Don’t put yourself through that blow drying stress, trying to straighten them out and flat iron them or torture them with keratin treatments!

Spornette brush

But if you do want all of that, the best thing is to have them cut long, and use the keratin complex straightening service, applied by a professional. Using Phyto hair care, Phytoliss shampoo and conditioner, wash and condition your hair, and then apply a small amount of Phyto defrisant, $26 (heat needed to activate).

You will need a large Spornette porcupine round brush to stretch out and smooth the hair, constantly rolling the brush and smoothing out the cuticle (the Sean James line coming soon!). Use a Solano flat Iron, $130, on high. Don’t over straighten; your bangs should have a slight curve.

And remember, stay away from water or any activity where you sweat!

For the straight and sleek gals

For you girls with Marcia Brady silky straight hair, things are a lot simpler. Should I cut them short or long, you ask? Ladies: Always go long, because you can always go shorter to eventually change up your look.

The look for now is straight across, and just under the brow. Don’t do this yourself, leave it to a professional. Recent girls I’ve done a fringe/bangs on are Bella Heathcote and supermodel Britni Stanwood — two very different looks, but both super cute.

So weigh your options, think about your hair type and be realistic. If you did do this before and it didn’t work, don’t do it again. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Bonus: Sean James’ hot weather hair tips

Here’s the must-have list for great bangs and hair:

Have a great summer, share your knowledge and be kind to the Earth.

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