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How to get blood stains out of the carpet

Today’s carpets come with stain-repelling treatments, so even stubborn blood stains can be removed if you act fast! Act quickly to remove carpet blood stains before they set.

Woman cleaning stain from carpet

The longer you delay in treating any stain, the more difficult it will be to remove. With a blood stain, the process of coagulation can make it especially hard to get out. Don’t wait until the blood is old and dried — this is a stain to treat and remove as soon as possible.

Step 1: Blot it up

Use a soft, clean dry white cloth or paper towel to blot the stain… working gently and being careful not to scrub which can cause the stain area to spread.

Step 2: Rinse and remove

Use cold water to rinse and extract the stain. Hot water will make this stain set and be permanent. Apply a very small amount of water and blot with a clean cloth. Use a white cloth or paper towel so the dampness will not transfer the rag color onto the carpet. Repeat the process until you have removed as much of the stain as possible. Since you are applying only a tiny amount of cold water each time, you may have to repeat this step several times to remove the stain and the moisture from the carpet.

Remove any remaining stain with a solution of Dawn dishwashing liquid — just a drop — mixed into a cup of cold water. Work this slowly into the stain area, but be careful not to spread the stain by getting the area too wet or through too vigorous scrubbing. Rubbing the carpet fibers too hard will damage them and can make carpet hold onto stains and be more susceptible to future stains. Blot out the moisture with another clean white cloth.

Step 3: Get it dry

A fan blowing on the cleaned area will help dry it quickly. If you don’t have a fan, set a stack of white paper towels or rags on the area and weigh them down with something heavy. Leave the cloth there to blot and absorb any remaining moisture in the carpet, replacing the damp stack with clean cloths when necessary. A faster drying helps keep any remaining stain deep in the carpet from wicking to the surface and becoming visible.

It’s more difficult to remove stains from carpets that are wool or made of other natural fibers. Always use water first. If the stain is still apparent, club soda used to replace the cold water often extracts the last traces of a blood stain. Just use it sparingly and blot as you work.

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