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How to keep your carpet looking brand new

Quality carpet can continue looking new with routine care that keeps it soft and beautiful.

A carpet that has been vacuumed

Soft and supple under foot, carpet can be an exciting and excellent way to add design and luxury to your home, given its wide selection of colors, patterns and textures.

To keep your carpet looking new, make a smart selection when you purchase it and then follow some simple maintenance tips.

Soils and stains don’t stand a chance if you research before buying and choose carpet that repels them! Stainmaster carpets use smart technology to create carpet fibers that resist liquids and actually make it more difficult for dirt to stick and penetrate fibers. These carpets also have built-in protection from static, so you’ll never have to spray on a temporary static solution. You’ll get all the beauty with an easy-care bonus!

Step 1: Regular care

Frequent vacuuming will help keep soil and debris from becoming embedded in carpet. Soil can pit and scratch carpet fibers, so regular vacuuming helps maintain that new look. High traffic areas should be vacuumed two to five times weekly. Light traffic areas may require twice weekly vacuuming, but don’t forget to go over non-traffic areas like corners once a week to keep dust from building up.

Use a vacuum with adjustable brushes that will suit the type of carpet and the area you are cleaning. Use a crevice tool to get into corners and a beater brush attachment when working on stairs. Regular vacuuming not only picks up dust, dirt and surface fragments on your carpet but will fluff up the fibers to counteract daily wear. Choose a vacuum setting to match the height of the carpet so it will clean efficiently without damaging fibers. Let your strokes overlap so you cover the entire carpet. Use the angled nozzle attachment to clean along baseboards where dust settles. Replace the vacuum bag or empty the canister when it is 2/3 full so your machine works safely and more efficiently, and periodically check the hoses and attachments for obstructions that might impair their function. You want to get the most clean with the smallest effort!

Step 2: Goodbye snags and dents

If sprouts or tufts — those snags that show above the carpet surface — appear, don’t pull them! Clip or cut them with scissors. You can remove a dent caused by furniture placement by dampening the area with a white rag, then heating the spot with a hair dryer as you “rake” the carpet with your fingers. Do not let the heat make direct contact with the carpet.

Step 3: Deal with spots and stains

Spots and stains are inevitable no matter how careful you are. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on cleaning, and never rub your carpet surface too hard as you can damage the twist of the fibers. Good maintenance is mandatory and will keep your carpet looking as beautiful as the day that it was installed!

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