Hair trends: Natural colors versus bright colors for summer

Bright hair may be all the rage this summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Here, we weigh the pros and cons of rocking rainbow-hued hair versus simply having natural colors — you know, like honey blondes or browns or reds…

Woman with pink hair

Bright hair: Con

If you work in the corporate world, having hot pink ends might not exactly fly at the office. We know it’s super lame and all, but unfortunately, that’s just how it goes.

Quick Tip: Love dip-dyed hair but can’t take the plunge because of your job? Rock the trend on the weekend with neon extensions! You can find them in practically every color under the sun, or you can even have your stylist dye your regular clip-ins the hue of your choice.

Natural hair: Pro

Whether you’re adding subtle highlights or dyeing your mane a pretty auburn, natural hues are always a good choice. For the most part, you know what to expect, and the color’s not so out there that it would be considered inappropriate for work. Talk to your hairstylist to see what shade (or shades) will complement your skin tone best if you’re not sure about it. And then go ahead: brighten up your mane naturally.

Bright hair: Pro

Far from the safe choice, bright hues give your hair that spunk and edge that natural colors just can’t. For those who work in a creative industry (think art, fashion, film, beauty, etc.), now is the perfect time to start experimenting with your locks. Try funky tips a la Lauren Conrad, or go all out and dye your whole head purple like Katy Perry if you dare. Shades of neon pink, bold blue and electric fuchsia seem to be everywhere this summer (and no, not just in Hollywood).

Natural hair: Con

If you’re like most women, chances are, you’ve sported variations of the same hair color your entire life: blonde, platinum blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde — you name it, you’ve had it. But when is the last time you actually did something crazy to your hair? We’re talking totally wild and out there. Probably never, right? Natural hues are nice and all, but we have to admit, they do get boring after a while.

This summer, spice things up a little, and try something totally new. It doesn’t have to be permanent or anything, but just have fun with it. And of course, remember to snap a photo.

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