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How to communicate with your hairstylist

Ever showed up to the salon and felt like you and your stylist were speaking two different languages? Make it stop with these tips from Justine Piecuch, stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon!

Woman at hair salon

She’s showing us how to properly communicate with your stylist so you can walk out of those snazzy doors looking pretty fab.

Think ahead

“Sometimes it helps to slightly know what you’re going in for. Bring in pictures of similar face shapes and hair as yours. Having an idea simply helps to ease some of your nerves. If you have absolutely no idea, make sure you’re working with a hairstylist that you trust or have researched. And please be realistic. If you have totally different hair, face shape and even weight changes or think you’re just going to wash and go, this will change what you really want drastically.”

scissorsWatch your language!

“Don’t use hairstylist lingo. No matter what you say, you don’t know exactly what it means. This can lead to a very unpleasant experience and a terrible cut and color. Many times when consulting, I find people want the opposite of what they’re really saying.”

Be honest

“Tell us everything about what you’re doing with your hair at home. Leaving things out, especially your styling techniques, can cause a haircut nightmare when you try to do it yourself. For color, let us know the history. This is absolutely huge. Trust me, we always know when you’re lying.”

Open up

“Tell us if something major just happened in your life! We’ll always be here to help, never make matters worse. When going through big life changes, we sometimes take matters out on our hair. We can be the voice of reason in situations like this.”

Voice your frustrations!

“If you’re having trouble with the cut or color, always voice this. There’s always a fix to almost any problem.”

Think twice

“Feel relief after your consultations. If you have uncertainty of what’s going on, then there was an error in communication and chances are the same for your stylist. Talk out the look you’re going for and if you’re not ready or still hesitant, think it over for a bit.”

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