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Look cute as you ride: Bike-friendly fashions

Now is the time to trade four wheels for two and take advantage of the perfect biking weather, especially since the Summer Games are starting later this week! But along with the wind in your hair and the freedom to go just about anywhere, we want you to look stylish as you ride. With that in mind, we sourced some functional but oh-so-fashionable pieces picked out with your bike in mind.

Cute flats from Toms

Cute flats

While riding in heels is possible (wedges and low heels are best), we do suggest going for flats for optimal safety and comfort. Our perennial favorite flats are Toms, and we’re partial to classic red (, $44). These simple but stylish canvas uppers make cycling in comfort and style a breeze. Plus, for every pair you purchase, Toms gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need. It’s win-win!

stylish tortoiseshell pair of sunglasses


Say no to squinting by sporting some shades that not only help you see better as you ride (it really can be tough to see when the sun’s in your eyes), but that also accessorize your outfit. We recently fell for this stylish tortoiseshell pair with pretty lavender accents (, $98).

urban-chic clutch


Talk about convenience, this urban-chic clutch not only looks great on your arm, but it also easily attaches to your rear bicycle rack (, $85). The structured bag made from weather resistant fabric has attachments that allow you to clip it onto the back of your bike. There are also multiple pockets and a detachable shoulder strap.

comfy cotton shorts


Since skirts can be tricky to ride in (you don’t want to be flashing a passerby do you?) we suggest opting for a cute pair of shorts. Denim can be too stiff for a comfortable ride, but these comfy cotton shorts offer a stylish yet easy-riding option (, $60). We love the chic blue and white Indian block print and the flattering fit.


If you do plan on riding in a skirt, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of spandex or stretchy shorts underneath to avoid showing more skin than you bargained for. You can slip them off once you get to your destination.


If you don’t feel like wearing shorts and you don’t want to risk the wind lifting up your skirt, you can always change things up with a romper. They’re ultra-comfortable, cute and make for a bike-friendly outfit. We like this cute striped romper with relaxed shorts for easy riding (, $40). When you’re not riding, dress this piece up with wedge sandals, a colorful clutch and chandelier earrings.

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cute striped romper

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