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Options in garage flooring

Maybe you just want a nice place to park your ride at night. Or perhaps you want to turn your garage into usable living space. Either way, you’ll want to start from the ground up.

Man installing rubber flooring in garage

Whether you have decided to transform your garage from a storage space and parking spot to a laundry room, man cave or children’s play area, it’s best to start with the garage flooring. In addition to a new, clean living space, garage flooring will add value to your home at an affordable price, offering added square footage to your house. No one likes walking on cold and dirty concrete floors. So cover it up! The most practical flooring for this type of indoor/outdoor area is either hybrid polymer liquid floor coating or flexible floor coating.

Hybrid polymer liquid floor coating

Functionality and design are important when making a decision on how to choose an upgrade for your home. Epoxy floor coating is durable and can withstand aggressive chemicals and a heavy traffic load.

  • Solid color garage floor coating. If you want a garage flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, but is also nice to look at, choose a solid color. Solid colors also enhance the lighting in the room and come in a variety of color options. The coatings are stain and slip resistant with a high-gloss shine, so you don’t have to worry about spills. And bonus? The installation time is fast so you can get back to business in no time.
  • Decorative chip garage flooring. Available in hundreds of various chip and color combos, you have the opportunity to customize your garage flooring to fit your home or style. These coatings typically cure in 24-48 hours, getting your garage back into gear almost immediately. On top of its pretty, high-shine appearance, you’ll be grateful for its proven durability.
Decorative chip floor tile

Decorative chip garage flooring
Flexible floor tile

Flexible floor tile

Flexible floor tile

Flexible floor tile is comfortable and attractive. These tiles come in many different colors, giving you many creative directions to go in. Flex flooring tile is ideal for garages, workshops, exercise rooms, kid’s rooms and playrooms, patios or even around the swimming pool. They are easy to clean and allow liquids to drain for safe walking or playing.

Flexible tiles for your garage flooring come in a variety of colors, including silver, black, blue, gray, red, yellow, brown, white and more. Keep in mind, they can be mixed and matched to create a pattern or design for added pizzazz. You can get creative with design checkers, diamonds or boxes to outline a space that has a designated use. Installing tiles can be a little more tricky, so you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional.

Garage flooring is more affordable than you probably think. Before you spend any money, be sure to look into a service that offers free in-home consultations to give you the chance to explore the options that best fit your home and garage space.

After you’ve installed the floor, think about adding chair rail or crown molding to really dress up the space and make it comfortable. With the addition of furniture and wall art, your garage will be transformed into a cozy abode in no time.

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