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4 Best places to travel for adventure

Does the thought of sitting on a beach all week make you anxious? Would you rather jump out of an airplane than ride in one? Would you much rather hunt for your dinner than sit down at a five-star restaurant? If you answered yes to any of these, a typical beach vacation or cruise just won’t cut it for your adventurous soul. Instead, check out these destinations that have plenty of jaw-dropping thrills to satisfy your need for adventure.

Climbing Dunns River Falls, Jamaica

From canyon jumping in the Alps to swimming with sharks in Australia to heli-skiing in Alaska and climbing waterfalls in Jamaica, these trips aren’t for the faint of heart. However, if you’re a adventure nut with a serious knack for excitement, these trips are sure to satisfy even the wildest of souls!

Climbing Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Why just climb a mountain when you can climb a waterfall? Dunn’s River Falls, located in Ocho Rios, is one of the most popular destinations in the whole country. The falls is a magnificent flowing waterfall that extends about 600 feet. The waterfall is one of the few freshwater sources that flows directly into the Caribbean. To climb the falls, you need water shoes with a strong grip, and you are asked to travel with one of the park’s very knowledgeable (and limber) tour guides to avoid falling or slipping on the rocks. It takes about 45 minutes to climb from the bottom to the top of the falls. The cost to climb is $20 US.

Canyon jumping, Switzerland

If you get a thrill from sky diving and cliff jumping, you’ll love the thrill you get from canyon jumping in Switzerland. Unlike other canyon jumping adventures, this one gives you 360-degree views of the beautiful glacial canyons in the Swiss Alps. The trip through Outdoor Interlaken, one of Switzerland’s most popular companies, costs about 130 Swiss francs and is the thrill of a lifetime. You are harnessed on your chest and waist to an 85-meter rope. Then, you jump off dangerously high cliffs and mountains and free fall through the glacial canyons. Plus, the company has a professional photographer who accompanies you on your fall, so past jumpers recommend doing a crazy jump or making a funny face for your keepsake photograph!

Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

If you find yourself in the land Down Under, you have to check out the world’s largest ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches about 1,800 miles along the eastern coast of Australia. The reef system is home to many incredible species, including giant clams, sea turtles, sponges, sting rays, dolphins, and hundreds of different kinds of coral. However, that’s not all you can expect down there. There are a few different species of sharks you can swim alongside when scuba diving, including the Black-tip and White-tip reef sharks. These sharks range in size from one to almost two meters. Luckily, these sharks aren’t hazardous to divers (That is unless you bug them!). Prices differ, depending on the company you dive with. For a full list of diving and other adventure trips in Australia, check out Dive the Reef.

Heli-skiing, Alaska

If regular skiing is too tame for you, why not try heli-skiing, where you are nicely pushed out of a helicopter (versus a ski lift) onto a slope? For a truly unique heli-skiing adventure, check out the Haines heli-skiing venture, which drops you off in the Chillkat Valley in Haines, Alaska, which stretches across many miles of mountainous terrain. Heli-skiable terrain begins at saltwater and ends at the Canadian border 40 miles up the valley. The change of terrain creates five unique microclimates in the region that provide many different heli-skiing options, especially if there is rough weather or avalanche conditions. For reservations and more information, check out the Expedition Broker.

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