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Cute bike accessories we love

Biking season has arrived. Summer means more time on two wheels and less time in cars or on transit. As much as we love the freedom and ease of getting around provided by our bikes, we also love an opportunity to do it in style. With that in mind, we rounded up some fun ways to personalize your ride.



We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but the importance of bike safety bears repeating. Wear a helmet, people — there’s no other way to ride. But we know helmets can be lacking in the style department, which is why we fell for this pretty piece of protective gear. The playful, colorful design on white matte background offers a stylish way to stay safe. Available at, $60

Handlebar bag

Handlebar bag

If you’re bored with your basket or just looking for something a little different, we suggest this vintage-inspired leather handlebar bag for carrying smaller items (your lunch, a bottle of wine en route to a party). The stylishly structured carrier would suit any style or color of bike and make a fashionable and functional addition to your ride. Available at, $320

Bike bell

Bike bell

Having a way to let people (pedestrians, other riders) know you’re coming through is a must, but your method of announcing your arrival need not be boring. We love this cheerful red bike bell crafted from durable baked enamel and covered in white flowers. Available at, $20

Bicycle computer

Cycle computer

Want to know how fast you’re going? What your maximum and average speeds are? How long you travel each day? Now you can — in a way that doesn’t compromise your desire to ride in style. We love this functional yet super-cute cycle computer that comes in a rainbow of colors, including blue, magenta and olive. It’s water resistant and easy to mount for minimal frustration. Available at, $90

urban-chic satchel


When we first spied this urban-chic satchel, we thought it was just a simple handbag, but, in fact, the roomy bag can also be attached to the back of a bike, making it the perfect multitasking accessory. Detachable, adjustable shoulder straps combined with attachments that clip onto your rear bike rack make biking with your bag a breeze. Weather-resistant fabric, multiple pockets and reflective details add to the functionality. Available at Po Campo, $125

cute pet bike basket

Pet basket

If you’ve ever wished you could take your pooch for a ride, now you can. Simply attach this cute pet bike basket to your handlebars via quick-release system, and you’re ready to roll! The basket is made from durable rattan and comes complete with a cushy pillow inside for optimum comfort. Once your pup gets a taste of biking, he may never want to travel any other way. Available at REI, $130

bike seat covers

Seat covers

Leaving your bike outside in the rain means the potential for a wet (and uncomfortable) ride home. Alleviate that problem with one of these bike seat covers in plaid, red dots or black check. Made with waterproof fabric they’re small enough to fit in your pocket, but practical for any time it rains. They also make a fun way to personalize your bike. Available at, $20

bicycle wine rack

Wine rack

Heading to a dinner party on two wheels? Now you can easily carry that bottle of Merlot you’re bringing. Just attach this handmade bicycle wine rack to the underside of your ride for easy transport. Not only is it practical (if you like wine and riding bikes), it looks great, too. Available at Eleanor’s, $43

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