10 High paying jobs to look into

Whether you’re about to embark on your journey through college,  looking to go back to work after kids, or just looking for a career change, read on to find out why one of these careers may be right for you.

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These careers not only offer great salaries, but plenty of room for growth within the field. Growth and a great salary? Though they all require varying degrees of education or training, it sounds like a path we could all follow.



With an average salary of $99,000, this job is perfect for those who love math. Math skills are always in high demand, so if you have a love of numbers, this could be the career for you. Growth is expected to be 16 percent, and a master’s degree is required.


Computer System’s Analyst

Average pay is $78,000 and most work for design firms helping management operate more efficiently. Growth is at an all-time high of 22 percent, and a bachelor’s degree is required for most positions.


Online Advertising Manager

These are the people who regulate the ads you see on websites. Every company with a website needs one. Though the starting salary is only around $40,000, income growth potential is an outstanding 255 percent. Another plus is most companies will hire you without a degree.


Occupational Therapist

They treat patients with disabilities and help them learn to function on their own. Salary is $72,000 and growth is 33.5 percent. At a minimum, you need a master’s degree or two years of special training.



This job is in extreme demand. Between baby-boomers growing older and the fact that most audiologists themselves are aging, there’s a big need for younger hearing doctors. Job flexibility is another plus, along with an average salary of $67,000. To become an audiologist, a doctoral degree is required.


Financial Planner

Get paid a whopping $104,000 to help people with their finances and investments. Demand is high, especially since fewer and fewer people are entering this field. A bachelor’s degree in finance is helpful, but not required. You can work your way up at a bank and get the special licenses needed.


Dental Hygienist

All that’s required is an associate degree in dental hygiene. Growth is 38 percent and average salary is $68,000. Huge bonus is that typically dentist’s offices close at 4 p.m. and have half-day Fridays!


Human Resources Manager

Another job with a six-figure salary and a growth of 21 percent. HR Managers recruit and hire qualified candidates for high-demand jobs. A bachelor’s degree is required.



These people analyze the financial costs of taking a risk. Their goal is to minimize the cost of that specific risk. Salary averages $88,000 and job growth is 27 percent. A bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting is required.


Software Engineer

These are the “creative minds behind computer programs.” Start earning your $88,000 per year by getting a bachelor’s in computer science or a related field. With technology expanding and changing every day, growth is at 30 percent, which is much higher than average.

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