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Tips for adding color to any outfit

Whether you’re obsessed with loud hues or typically shy away from bright shades, incorporating a subtle pop of color into your everyday look can truly transform your style. From bold shoes to brilliant dresses and vibrant accessories, we asked a few of fashion’s top dogs to share their best color tips.

summer heels

Show-stopping shoes

Every girl loves shoes, right? We know we do! This summer, instead of rocking your basic black pumps, slip into a pair of neon heels. For daytime, try on cute, fun-colored flats, suggests Rebecca Raskind, VP of Chic Little Devil Style House. Not only will this brighten up your entire ensemble, but it’ll invigorate your summer wardrobe as well.

When introducing a splash of color to any outfit, you’ll need to first consider the outfit’s palette, warns style consultant and author of Steal This Style, Sherrie Mathieson. “If it’s a monochromatic outfit (for example, an all-white ensemble), any favorite hue, such as yellow or blue, will pair easily. If the palette of your outfit is a mix of neutrals, however, adding a bright color like orange will really liven it up.”

Fluorescent accessories

Take note: Most bright colors look best when combined with white or other brights, says Sherrie. For example, an orange/blood-red stripe top paired with a sleek white skirt or pant looks amazing.

The best way to incorporate color into your outfit is to pick dayglow accessories, says former Hollywood stylist and co-author of Affordable Couture, Linda Arroz. “Tie a scarf around your neck, pile on the bright bangles, wear a big, bold cocktail ring.” Neon handbags are also a fab choice. Linda notes that in Silverlake (the east side of Los Angeles), yellow handbags are the hot summer trend.

Bright tights

For fall or cool summer nights, Linda recommends jazzing up your ensemble with bright tights. “Tights or leggings in a bold shade will spark conversation and add contrast. Wear red, pink or yellow with all black. Or don pink, purple, orange or green with white.”

Fashion Tip

If you’re wearing a multi-colored print, try not to introduce too many colors, unless they’re already in your outfit. If your print features a mix of greens, yellows and blues, for example, stick to that palette and accessorize with green or blue jewelry, says Sherrie. “You can also mix in neutrals like black or navy patent.”

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