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I mustache you a question

Ladies are taking menswear to a whole new level… with mustaches. That’s right, mustaches! Before you start to shop for your perfect ‘stache, here are a few facts about the mustache trend and tips for which one suits your style the best.

The birth of the ‘stache

It is rumored that PETA started the whole mustache craze with their campaign “Grow Your Own Fur” back in 2010. PETA posted a picture of a rabbit wearing a fake mustache with “You can help stop the killing of animals for their fur by growing your own fur” as the slogan for the campaign.

The craze started off slow, but gained momentum by late 2011 with Movember — a campaign in which men grow mustaches throughout the month of November to help gain awareness to men’s health. Women decided to get in on Movember by sporting a fake mustache throughout the month. Movember even teamed up with Toms shoes to create a shoe with a mustache printed on the side.

Taboo on tattoo

Some mustache fans have even gone as far as tattooing the famed mustache onto their bodies. What’s the most popular spot? The inner index finger. Might seem like an odd spot to get a tattoo, but every time the index finger is placed between the nose and mouth, the tattoo will sure get a few giggles. The second most popular spot is on the lower back which puts a fashion-forward twist on the tramp stamp.

As more companies jump onto the bandwagon, more fuel keeps being added to the flames. Will this trend continue for all years to come or will it go down in ‘staches?

One thing’s for sure, we’re having fun rocking the trend in style! Check out our top picks for doing so yourself below.

Mustache fashion

You mustache be kidding

This adorable necklace puts the “must” in mustache fashion. Pair the necklace with any gold accessories to make the pale blue mustache pop. Get in on the trend by buying this necklace for only $12 at
Mustache fashion

Stache your cash

Make the mustache statement this summer with this fashion-forward clutch. With the magnetic clasp and gold stitch style, this clutch will allow you to be the center of attention. It’s only $25 at
Mustache fashion


Who said mustaches can’t be sexy? Show a little skin this summer with this cute French-inspired crop top. Make your friends say ooh la la and buy this top for $25 at
Mustache fashion

Stache-tastic ring

Don’t want to tattoo the mustache onto your finger? No problem, this adjustable ring will let you take your mustache on and off. To get the giggles of admiration go to and grab this pure sterling silver ring for $50.
Mustache fashion


These glasses are not supposed to be taken seriously, but they do add some fun to the sun. Walk around in them, and you’re sure to see smiles light up around you. These sunnies are a steal at only $8 at Urban Outfitters.
Mustache fashion

Mustache these earrings

Throw some quirk into the mustache trend with these super cute earrings. It’s safe to say you’ll get more than a few compliments from your friends and fellow mustache admirers. Buy them at Claire’s Boutiques for only $6 a pair.

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