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Granting Dreams Foundation

There are some incredible child-focused foundations that grant wishes and provide assistance to families dealing with serious medical challenges. But what about adults in need of such support due to a terminal illness?

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Here, we shine the spotlight on one truly unique organization that is doing just that.

Who they are

Granting Dreams Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that makes wishes come true for those 19 and older who have life-threatening medical conditions. Since 2007, this program has been providing help and dream realization for those who may have fewer resources for support during their time of crisis. While other foundations may “age out” beneficiaries after the age of 18, Granting Dreams focuses on the needs of terminally ill adults between the ages of 19 and 49 years old.

Their Mission: To grant tomorrow’s dreams today for those 19 and older who have a life-threatening medical condition.

The foundation

Granting Dreams depends completely on voluntary donations. It is not funded or supplemented by any government agency. In addition to receiving generous donations from the public, it has flourished with the support of celebrities such as Celine Dion and Keith Urban. Individuals may donate monetary resources or can contribute their time as a Granting Dreams volunteer, which allows them to be fully engaged in the process of making a real difference.

Each donation can grant an individual dream. The foundation provides the option to adopt a dream for those who wish to help in this way. For instance, a donor could do something as simple as create a photo album for a recipient or provide something more elaborate such as V.I.P. treatment in a limousine. No donation is too small to help make a recipient’s dream come true.

Helping in more ways than one

Their most recent philanthropic venture is a children’s book, The Lizard in the Laundry, which can be purchased online. According to CEO and founder Linda Sylvester, Granting Dreams will receive 50 percent of the proceeds from the book and will put those funds toward granting more dreams. The book’s author, Mitzi Doster, is a breast cancer survivor and fighter who chose to donate a portion of the book’s proceeds toward helping the dreams of others come true.


“Even though I had no hair, the excitement of my dream made me forget a while just how sick I was and in the midst of meeting my life-long idol, I had no pain or sickness, I just felt beautiful.” ~ Marsha B.

“My dream was for my little girl … I would never see her graduate or walk her down the aisle on her wedding day, so I wanted a special memory and Granting Dreams gave our family just that. To see her so thrilled to meet her idol, Keith Urban, made me so happy … there is nothing greater than a Dad’s pride when it comes to his little girl … thank you for providing this life-long memory. I needed this for her … for me.” ~  Jeff H. (Sadly Jeff passed away just two months after his dream was made a reality.)

Get involved

Granting Dreams provides the options of corporate sponsorships and fundraising events to help get caring people involved. You can request a dream or read about individuals who had their dreams granted through the foundation on their website. Granting Dreams accepts donations online for individual convenience. It is now easier than ever to make a difference!

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