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DIY Fourth of July banner

Fireworks, watermelon and a picnic with friends make the 4th of July a favorite holiday in our home. And what better way to show our red, white and blue pride than with a printable 4th of July banner that can be used year after year?

Happy 4th banner with star bunting

With felt as the primary medium, this hand-cut starry bunting can easily be wrapped around trees or draped over a backyard wooden fence. You can even sew together a few large stars into a table runner that would dress up drab picnic tables at the park. Hang the printed banner and stars together as shown or hang separately for a simpler July Fourth display.


Happy 4th banner

Happy 4th banner

Step 1: Print out template for the banner.Step 1: Print the template

Step 2: Fold design in half along black fold lines.

Step 3: Cut out.

Step 4: Sandwich string or ribbon inside the fold, leaving the ends long enough for tying the banner up. Use double-sided tape inside the fold to keep the front and back together.Step 4: String the letters

Felt star bunting

Felt star bunting

Step 1: Print out templates for the star shapes.

Step 2: On top of two sheets of felt stacked together, pin down a template and cut out star shape with scissors. Repeat this process (you can use your newly cut out felt stars as a template to cut around — just pin to the stack of felt) for the remaining sheets of felt.

Step 2: Stack felt

Step 2: Cut out the felt star template

Step 3: Zigzag stitch the stars together with a sewing machine, alternating between the different colors and sizes. Save the smaller stars for the ends of the banner.

Step 3: Sew stars

Step 4: Spray the stars with fabric stiffener and let dry for about an hour.

Step 5: To hang, use a piece of string or ribbon to tie up bunting.

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